Giant Christian Scripture Mysteriously Appears At Gay Cruising Park

bannerSomething tells us if you’re the type of guy who frequents public cruising grounds to find a little action in the bushes, you probably aren’t concerned with Leviticus 18:22. Call it a hunch.

But one group of Christian moral vigilantes are hoping to use the Bible verse, which commands that thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind (blah blah), to reach the souls of sinners in the very den of the damned. That’s right, a gay cruising park.

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A large banner has mysteriously appeared between some trees at McKee’s Dam in County Down, Northern Ireland, a site “rumored” to see some man-on-man action when the sun goes down.

We use quotes here because police seem to be turning a blind eye to any extracurricular activities in the park, saying they’re, “not aware of any complaints in relation to this type of activity in this specific area.” A wink is assumed to have immediately followed the statement.

It didn’t take much research to discover that these Christian saviors might be onto something.

3123268629An entry for the park on (NSFW), a listings network for gay cruising, was created in 2002, and describes the varied types of guys who frequent the spot as “oldies, truckers, sales reps and young horned up lads.”

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They also offer detailed directions and this bit of advice: “Just have a walk around and catch someones eye and follow in the the bushes. Anywhere around the lake or dam.”

Just this month, there have been 17 user comments on the listing. Or should we say, there have been 17 user comments rumored on the listing.

Still, we don’t mind that police have placed the issue low on their list of priorities.

It seems these sign-hangers would better serve their community by feeding the poor or hitting a high C in choir practice, but what do we know?

We also suspect whoever hung the sign has also been around the dam once or twice.