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  • hells kitchen guy

    I’ll go with Gibson’s rep: A complete crock of shit.
    1) Baresi doesn’t cite any sources, just ” a major Hollywood producer” (yeah, he’s valet parked my car, too)
    2) Baresi is a publicity whore
    3) I really doubt if Ledger and Gibson were ever buds. All they have in common is their country of national origin & that they’re actors.

  • nneprevilo

    Mel is American, Peekskill, New York, USA, 1956

  • Tyler

    Didn’t Gibson play a gay hairdresser in a flick years ago? Don’t get me wrong, Gibson has proven he’s a bigot, but still

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Mel Gibson is an American faking it as an Australian. The only Australian thing about Mel Gibson is his leathery, bloated, sun-damaged face. His bitterness towards gays stems from his early casting couch days giving head to the Head of the presitigious Australian National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) run by a big ole Leather Queen when Mel was actually cute for a New York minute (see movie Tim)

  • Jonathan

    Along with Tom of Finland, Gibson’s early portrayal of Mad Max stands as one of the iconic figures of the gay zeitgeist. Regardless of what he said or didn’t say to Ledger, the effortless homoeroticism he infused the character with so brilliantly can never erased. The fact that young gay men will see his Md Mperformance a hundred years from now, eroticizing the actor exactly as he intended is sublime irony the character himself longs for

  • kel777

    Mel is a horrible actor and even worse director. He’s a proven moron and continually serves as an example of everything that is wrong with hetero-dickhead men.

  • Paul Barresi

    Who the fuck is Hells Kitchen Guy? If go nose to nose with me, state your real name, like a man. For starters, Gibson and Ledger worked together in a movie. Guess you didn’t see it. Fact is they were very close. As for the producer who gave me the information, he’s frightened to death about giving his real name, just like you. PAUL BARRESI

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