Gilbert & George Want To Shock You

British artist duo Gilbert Prousch and George Passmore (aka Gilbert & George) have made a career of causing scandal. While their celebrations of gays, skinheads and feces once garnered international outrage, things have changed in recent years. Sadly, the world doesn’t shock quite as easily as it once did. Except for in one department: religion.

In an interview with Radar – in which the boys also discuss their Tate Modern show, their well-suited style and their new book, – Gilbert & George explain religion’s controversy conviction:

Radar: In a world where movie stars flash their coochies, do you think it’s possible to shock these days?

Gilbert: With religion you can.

George: Even with our catalog, there’s a piece called Was Jesus Heterosexual? And everyone is terrified of that. The lawyer wanted to cut that out, and we thought, “The church loves heterosexuals! Everyone is terrified of the Christians.”

God knows we are…