Girl Group Xelle, Sans Former Frontwoman Mimi Imfurst, Debuts Fitness-Inspired Song

xelle-bikePop duo Xelle have released their second single and music video since parting ways with the group’s self-described original creator, drag personality and former Drag Race contestant Mimi Imfurst.

Described by Xelle as the undisputed “end-of-summer power anthem,” the new single “Sweat” combines “megapop” and physical fitness for a psychedelic drag-infused dance party at the gym.

The video primarily features “curvy women” feeling “sexy and confident,” save drag queen Marti Gould Cummings with a “hysterical” gay twist at the video’s end.

(Spoiler alert: the “hysterical twist” is the gym instructor being gay.)

“[Sweat] is what’s playing in your mind when you see that hot guy or girl across the bar and you know it’s time to make a move,” says Xelle’s Rony G.

The group is probably best known for the amazing unauthorized dance party it threw on the NYC subway in 2011 for their debut single “Party Girl”. Relive its legendary glory in full below [after you watch Sweat, of course]:

Correction: A previous version of this post indicated Mimi Imfurst as the “founding member” of Xelle, based on her account that Xelle was created by herself and songwriter Zach Adam, who recruited JC Cassis and Rony Goffer to join. Her website currently also states that she “started the round-breaking pop group Xelle.”

We have updated the post to reflect the opinion of current Xelle member JC Cassis, who says “Mimi is not the creator of XELLE and never was. XELLE was created by the four of us (Zach, JC, Rony, Mimi), and Zach came up with the name and concept for the group. From its inception, everything XELLE has done has been a product of all of our hard work.”

“It’s been a year and two singles, and the split was mutually decided upon by all parties and amicable,” she added.

Representatives for Mimi Imfurst did not immediately respond for comment. We’ll update if they do.