“Girl, He Hit The Pole” Viral Video Star Is An Alleged Hat Thief With A Criminal Past

Barnes posing for a selfie in the allegedly stolen hat.
Barnes posing for a selfie wearing the allegedly stolen hat.

We had a feeling we’d be hearing more from the unforgettable Courtney Barnes. And we were right.

The spirited Mississippian became an instant celebrity yesterday when he was interviewed by a local news station about a car crash and delivered the most amazing eyewitness account of an accident in the history of mankind.

“When I seen the accident, girl, I just began to be nosy and had to understand that somebody was experiencing this difficult moment,” he told the local newswoman while fighting back tears.

Now MSNewsNow has revealed that the current reigning queen of the internet has a criminal past.

According to Ridgeland police, Barnes owes more than $1600 in fines, mainly for traffic violations. He’s also facing a contempt of court charge for letting the fines stack up. Now that he’s an internet celebrity, police are asking him to please pay the fines as soon as possible.

But Barnes’ legal troubles don’t stop there. He has also been accused of shoplifting from a shoe store in Fondren, MS.

The manager of the store tells MSNewsNow that Barnes swiped a Van’s bucket hat about a month ago. Surveillance video shows Barnes walking into the store and he has since posted a picture of himself wearing the hat to his Instagram page. The manager also says Barnes has a reputation for shoplifting in the area.

MSNewsNow promises “much more” on this story soon. We’ll be sure to keep you updated. Until then, strut down memory lane with a peek at Courtney’s first audition for So You Think You Can Dance last year.