Carl Schmid Signs On To Rudy's Team

Giuliani Campaign Getting Gay

Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign got a bit more gay last week when HIV/AIDS activist and avowed Republican Carl Schmid signed on as DC leadership co-chair. The very proud press release features Schmid’s Giuliani love:

As Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani cut taxes, cut crime, and got hundreds of thousands of people off the welfare rolls and back to work all while working with a heavily Democratic City Council. That’s the kind of strong leadership we need in the White House.

Some of you may recall Schmid from his pro-Bush press back in 2000, when he defended Georgie’s gay politics:

Bush gets it. He’s open to gays and lesbians, and his vision is the most important thing. We are not electing the platform to be our next president. George W. Bush is going to be the one making the decisions, and implementing what he believes.

We all know how that turned out…