Giuliani’s “Gay Files” Wide Open

Rudy Giuliani’s about to have a flaming flashback! Gay group Empire State Pride Agenda has compiled an extensive collection of the Republican’s homo-loving past, including this footage of Giuliani at the non-profit’s 2001 fall dinner.

In addition to telling the crowd that the then-NYC mayor would appear on Queer As Folk to raise pro-gay dough, co-chair Jeff Soref reminds them that Giuliani spent some time in drag. Not a good look for social conservatives, to say the least.

The Washington Post dropped some virtual ink yesterday to point out some of Giuliani’s more glaring political flip-flops:

Another YouTube video shows the ceremony at New York’s munucipal [sic] building in 1998 when Giuliani, surrounded by the city’s gay activists, signed a sweeping domestic partnership law. The bill, Giuliani said, will “help to move society more in the direction of equal treatment for everyone. As mayor, Giuliani equated domestic partnership rights to rights for married people, [Pride Agenda honcho Alan] Van Capelle said. Giuliani was once in support of civil unions for gay couples, Van Capelle added. But in a statement to the New York Sun in April, following the passage of civil unions in New Hamsphire’s State Senate, Giuliani said he’s against anything that is “the equivalent of marriage.”

Cue crashing poll numbers.