Give Melissa Leo A Tony Award. Wait, Sorry, That’s Pee Wee Herman.

Clearly, Pee-Wee Herman has a temperature-calibrated fur storage facility* in his Playhouse’s garage, right next to his Alamo-shaped bike rack. It’s also clear that he has a fondness for Melissa Leo’s brilliant-in-hindsight Oscar-grubbing campaign, the one personally designed by Melissa Leo.

So, if you’re out there and reading this and you’re one of those people fancy enough to vote for the Tony Awards would you PLEASE JUST GIVE THIS LEGENDARY CHILD-MAN THE GOLDEN STATUES HE’S DESERVED FOR SO LONG? It’s only right.



*Actually we’re going to hope and assume its fake fur because that would be more in keeping with a guy whose friends are talking cows, flowers, pterodactyls and jazz musician felines.