Give Your Grindr Profile A Much-Needed Makeover With Davey Wavey

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 11.15.48 AM“Building a relationship on a foundation of lies is like trying to pee with a boner,” says Davey Wavey.

If you have a spare four minutes, you can hear this man dispense even more relevant advice on how to lure potential hookups through online dating apps.

Among his tips for a “sexy online dating profile makeover” are the obvious: “be authentic,” “don’t gorge yourself like Grindr is a man buffet,” and “don’t be an asshole.”

He leaves out the most obvious tip for successfully securing a hot hookup for the night, which is “look like me.”

But if you can’t be so lucky, just make sure you actually look like your profile picture. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a Grindr date to find out his profile picture is 12 years old.