Did Universal Pictures Lie In Claiming GLAAD Had No Problem With Vince Vaughn’s ‘So Gay’ Line?

Included in Anderson Cooper‘s bullying chat with Ellen DeGeneres the other day was the CNN anchor’s revelation that, just like us, he goes to the movies! That’s how he heard, during the trailer for the stupid new adult comedy The Dilemma, Vince Vaughn utter the line “Ladies and Gentlemen, electric cars are so gay” in the first scene. Now Universal Pictures is feeling the heat, or whatever, to edit out that part of the trailer that’s now showing in theaters. But sure, leave it in the film!

Best part: Universal claims it performed its due diligence by screening “the trailer to gay groups like GLAAD and gay executives here and gays in our marketing department and no one was offended and everyone had a positive response.” It’s like when a white guy asks his your black friend whether he takes offense to you singing along to Nas lyrics and he shrugs his shoulders.

We checked, that there’s nothing there about the film positive or negative. Give ’em five seconds to issue a posthumous action alert.

UPDATE: GLAAD insists they did see the trailer and “expressed these concerns directly to Universal Pictures prior to the trailer’s release.” The studio has “now assured us that the offensive joke will be removed from TV and Media campaigns promoting the film from this point forward, including the trailer currently playing in movie theaters.”

(Okay, I lied: The best part is in the trailer, immediately after Vaughn utters his line, is Queen Latifah nodding along. All you need to sanitize a gay joke is a gay celebrity!)