GLAAD Award Nominee Miller Beer’s Wonderfully Stereotypical Television Ad Spits On Fem Guys

Does Miller High Life get to claim that, just like Foster’s, its beer ad is only poking fun at homophobia, rather than endorsing it? In the clip above, from a national TV ad campaign reader Jack alerts us to, we see a Miller rep going door-to-door to sponsor regular people. All is well until he encounters some weirdo shaving his chest, which you could interpret as a representation of a gay man, or simply just somebody who doesn’t fit Miller’s definition of masculinity. Either way, it’s yet another example of a giant corporation throwing what it perceives as feminine guys under the bus to sell some more booze. Did we mention Miller High Life’s manufacturer, the Miller Brewing Company, has been nominated for a GLAAD Media Advertising Award this year for its Miller Lite brand? Shake our right hand, while stepping on our left.