Jeff Bercovici Gets Gay Back Up

GLAAD Calls Out ‘NY Post’

GLAAD answered Jeff Bercovici’s call for action against the NY Post:

[GLAAD] today called on the New York Post to apologize for and disassociate itself from its use of an anti-gay slur in today’s edition.

On Sept. 7, the Post ran an item repeating rumors and innuendo speculating about the owner of an explicit online profile. The item used the term “toe-tapper” as a description of gay men: “The photos on the site do not show the fellow’s face, but the profile does feature pictures of a toe-tapper posing naked in various positions, including full frontal.”

The New York Post’s use of “toe-tapper” as a slur to disparage gay men is only the latest episode in the tabloid’s long history of offensive content — including the defamatory anti-gay AIDS coverage in the 1980s that led to GLAAD’s founding.

“Whatever nostalgia the Post has for the prejudices and stereotypes of the 1980s, it really needs to outgrow them — or a least stop acting them out in public,” said GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano.

Word. Maybe NY Post needs to find a nice, private bathroom stall…