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GLAAD Celebrates 25 Years With A 1-Second Roast Of John McCain

OH SNAP — Chaz Bono attends GLAAD’s 25th anniversary party in Los Angeles on Friday night, where guests “hissed at mentions of Anita Bryant, Laura Schlessinger, John McCain and Mel Gibson.”

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  • divkid

    Ok I’ll admit theres a couple of photos, (not this one), of this guy where I almost forget and he kinda’ sorta’ almost merits a twinge. I think Chaz could, with a little (?) effort, gym…etc pull this male aesthetic thing off completely accurately and attractively. But then Im not averse to the slightly overweight New Jersey mobster look, so what do I know!

  • divkid

    Disregard my last post: alas a couple of rogue good photos will availeth naught against the cruel blinding light of truth that is google images.

  • Kieran

    Eat your heart out Tony Soprano.

  • Yuck

    Who’s the fat dude?

  • chimmy

    Is that George Wendt? He looks like he’s gained some weight.

  • Robert


    Simply the best ever…

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