GLAAD Chief Jarrett Barrios: Back on the Market With Impending Divorce

When GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios married Doug Hattaway, a Democratic strategist, he was among the first elected officials to ever enter a same-sex marriage. Barrios, as a state senator, helped push through Massachusetts’ gay marriage law. And now, a half decade later, he’s seeing the other side of it: The father of two teenage sons is divorcing.

In a Boston Globe editorial that has one too many Eat, Pray, Love metaphors for my taste, Barrios says he and Hattaway separated a year ago after 16 years together, five of them as a married couple. (This photo, from March’s GLAAD Awards, pictures the pair together with Bryan Batt and their sons, suggesting they’ve been keeping up appearances since their split.)

These things happen, and we will likely never know why their relationship ended. But it’s not because they are gay. It’s because they got married, and marriages sometimes end.