Hopes To Have Heart-To-Heart

GLAAD Goes After Nutty Jerry

The gay watchdogs over at GLAAD released the following statement regarding Jerry Lewisfag slip-up. Says pres Neil Giuliano:

Jerry Lewis’ on-air use of this kind of anti-gay slur is simply unacceptable. It also feeds a climate of hatred and intolerance that contributes to putting our community in harm’s way. Our nation’s media have done an admirable job this year holding public figures accountable for their use of anti-gay slurs, and I hope they continue to do so with Mr. Lewis.

And, as always, GLAAD’s looking forward to talking it out with Mr. Lewis.

We want to sit down with him, help him understand why these words are so hurtful, and give him an opportunity to raise public awareness about the destructive impact of these kinds of anti-gay slurs, even more so in attempted humor.

Can a fag telethon be far behind? Perhaps Tucker Carlson can co-host.