GLAAD Loves Black People!

Homophobia knows no color-lines. Nor does it restrict itself to one language. That’s why those ‘mo-loving media watchdogs over at GLAAD have unveiled two new ad campaigns targeting black people and Spanish speakers. Of the former, GLAAD media strategist Katina Parker remarks:

GLAAD launched this ad campaign to bring increased media visibility to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals who are struggling to be accepted by their families. We hope the campaign will spur the types of conversations and dialogue that change hearts and minds.

Another GLAAD strategist uses the same language while describing the Spanish-language campaign:

GLAAD hopes this campaign will spark conversations about love and acceptance to help end homophobia and discrimination in the Latino community.

Next on GLAAD’s homo hit list: Jews, Appalachians, little people, skaters, a lovely cracker specific campaign and those pesky homophobic, brain-eating zombies!

First Look at GLAAD’s New Ad Targeting Black Families [Rod 2.0]