GLAAD Media Awards Way Gay

Ugly Betty actress Becki Newton no doubt enjoyed herself at last night’s GLAAD Media Awards. Newton and her castmates, including the ever-adorable Michael Urie, took home the prize for outstanding comedy series, while fellow ABC show, Brothers & Sisters, won in the drama category.

Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty accepted the Vanguard Award, and got a little friendly with presenter Ellen DeGeneres. Kathy Griffin won for My Life On The D-List, and shared the award with her lovely mother, just like a gay man!

Tom Ford, meanwhile, awarded Herb Ritts a posthumous award, and a Medusa-esque Sharon Stone presented Rufus Wainwright with Stephen F. Kolzak award.

Check out the rest of the winners here.



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  • Scotty

    I was one of the VOLUNTEERS for the GLAAD awards and I have to say, THEY TREATED US LIKE SHIT!! alot of us were there for 9+ hrs and bareley got a “thank you”. One thing that sticks out…40 of us had been there since 2pm and 8pm they lined us up to go into the auditorium for “collections” portion of the show. They gave us a speech about how they (GLAAD) was on the verge of clearing a Million dollars that night and litterally in the same breath told us that as Thank You to us they would RAFFLE OFF ONE $20 STARBUCKS GIFTCARD…..Really!? ONE card given randomly to 40 ppl who worked harder than ALL of the PAID emplyees there? …. I’ll never give my time to GLAAD EVER AGAIN—TREVOR PROJECT IS A MUCH BETTER ORG AND APPRECIATES THEIR VOLUNTEERS.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    That’s almost as bad a my Heritage of Pride nightmare. Gays are very adept at exploiting their own and selling us a false bill of goods especially with an Unemployment Epidemic in the Gay Male Community but the Limousine Liberals can’t see us beg for lunch through their tinted windows. Gays on TV are at an all-time low that I like Roger the Alien on American Dad the most. How did we get sooooooooooooo boring? LOGO?

  • Robert

    This is in reference to Scotty’s comment about volunteering at the GLAAD MEDIA AWARDS on saturday in LA. I was also a volunteer there that day, and I had a great time. I started at 9:30AM helping with set up and ended up staying until about 9PM. Granted the day was long, but the staff was nice and even though they seemed a little overwhelmed, they were still friendly and appreciative, at least to me and all the people around me.

    Finally the key term here is volunteering, it is to give time to a worthy cause. GLAAD is a non-profit, you should be happy knowing that your time went to a worthy cause and that the money they collected is not going to the pockets of the employees, its going to make GLAAD a better organization to help more people.

    I enjoyed my time there and would glaadly work with any of them again!

  • Scotty

    In Reference to my first comment:



  • Tom

    I volunteered at the awards and had a completely different experience. The staff thanked all of the volunteers on numerous occasions throughout the day. Snacks, drinks, lunch and dinner were provided to the volunteers all day long. I have volunteered for many organizations and, by far, find that GLAAD’s appreciation of volunteers is unmatched by anyone. One point that I would like to make is that I (and I assume others) volunteer to for organizations without expecting anything more than the satisfaction of helping out a cause we believe and support in return. I’m sorry if your volunteer experience did not live up to your expectations, but if you ask many other volunteers, I’m sure that they will agree that GLAAD treated them with the utmost respect and there was little doubt as to how much their contributions were appreciated.

  • chris

    my extensive volunteering experience at GLAAD has been completely inline with the complaints that scotty and seitan have made here. i find it unconscionable to not properly thanks the volunteers that make a night like the GLAAD media awards possible. Imagine if they treated their special celebrities with the same type of gratitude? The outlandish difference in level of respect from the organization is nauseating

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