GLAAD Studies Go Deep


As you know, we have mixed feelings about GLAAD, that good ol’ alliance against defemation of faggots and all. We were taking a gander at their website – which, in a stroke of brilliance, is also predominately orange – and came across a study from a few years ago entitled: “Fan Discourse About LGBT Characters on Survivor, I, II, and III.” In it, their ivory-handled comb picks over internet posting about the show and its queer denizens. If you want to read it, follow the link below to the GLAAD Center for the Study of Media and Society – Commissioned Papers.

Yeah, they paid for a 39 page paper filled with wise nuggets such as, “A popular way to diminish the power of gay men, TV characters or not, has been to taint them through association with femininity.”

Gee, thanks GLAAD. They have how much money, again?