GLAAD Takes On Bravo, Reality

We shocked some of you – and ourselves – by agreeing with GLAAD yesterday. Don’t worry, we’re over it, especially considering the media watchdogs have reverted back to their ridiculous ways. It seems they’re taking aim at Bravo over the use of the word faggot on the reality show, The Real Housewives of Orange County.

It seems two teenage characters, Shane and Colton Keough, got into a fight in which both of the gents employed some pretty ungentlemanly language. Shane, the elder, started it off by saying his brother had gay porn. The younger brother later called him a “fucking faggot” and a “homo”. The boys’ mother, Jeana, meanwhile, did nothing to stop the familial infighting.

Not surprisingly, GLAAD puffed up and blasted the gay-friendly network. GLAAD’s Media Entertainment director Damon Romine said:

Had these dehumanizing slurs been addressed or challenged by someone on the show, I think Bravo could make a case for why it was important to air them. But as actually aired, the scene gives viewers tacit permission to downplay this as nothing more than crude misbehavior and nothing could be further from the truth. This kind of unacceptable behavior should be addressed by Shane and Colton’s parents, and it’s Bravo’s responsibility to not broadcast anti-gay insults on air.

To rectify the issue, Romine and company want the network to censor not only “faggot” and “homo”, but “gay porn”, as well.

Alright, we can understand them wanting to censor the new f-word and homo, but “gay porn”? That’s preposterous.

(Update: We’ve just received an email from Damon Romine saying that phrase isn’t “gay porn”, but “gaypron” – which we thought was simply a typographical error on the part of The Washington Blade. He also said the paper misrepresented their mission – GLAAD apparently didn’t say anything about “gaypron”. Wow, you guys are really slipping.)