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GLAAD to Hand Out Advertising Honors to An Industry It Only Sometimes Pays Attention To

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation released the nominees for its second annual GLAAD Media Awards in Advertising, which next month will honor companies (heh) for including some queers in their marketing materials, like Givenchy and K-Y. Of course GLAAD might not be the most equipped organization to offer superlatives for advertisers: Evidently, it doesn’t even know what gay ads are out there.

Notes a Times reader to (gay) ad columnist Stuart Elliot: “This is in reference to the Campaign Spotlight last week about the apartment building in Chelsea aiming ads at gay men. Although Glaad said it was unable to find examples of previous such ads, there are at least two examples in the library of the Glaad advertising media program, which incorporates the Commercial Closet archives. A building called Astor Place in Manhattan did a gay-specific ad in 2005. It showed two men on a bed looking out an apartment window at night. The headline read ‘Indulge.’ There was also an ad for the Villas Parkmerced building in San Francisco in 2006. It showed two women with a child, all hugging, under the headline ‘Imagine a neighborhood in San Francisco with more room to raise a family.’”

So congratulations to all the nominees!

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  • Rando

    I wonder what was originally in those two guys’ hands before the photoshopped the miller light in.

  • ManPuppy Gay Social Network

    Q. What’s the difference between a straight man and a gay man?
    A. A six pack.

  • Andrew

    @ManPuppy Gay Social Network: Bloody Hell – I must be a straight man then. Crikeys I have been mixed up for many years now.

  • Steve

    The guy in brown is cute.

    And you were all thinking the same thing.


    @Steve: Absofreakinglutly on the brown shirted hawtie……..

    @Rando: Would definately like to put somethin else in his hand besides a photoshopped bottle ‘o beer……. :p

  • Phil

    Oh my god he is cute.

  • John

    GLAAD seems to only be putting on awards shows and not actually doing anything about gays in advertising like Commercial Closet used to do. GLAAD has really embarrassed itself here by not even knowing what is in the Commercial Closet archive. And what have they said or done about Target or Best Buy?

  • jason

    There is no point in these pro-gay ads appearing in gay publications or gay television only. They should be appearing in the mainstream too. Gay people are part of the mainstream. We don’t just watch these horribly segregated gay TV channels nor do we reserve our reading to the gay rags.

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