GLAAD TV Report Leaves Out Reality

Gay watch dog group GLAAD rallies the mainstream press every fall to decry the dearth of gay characters on network television.

This year they lamented a drop in the nancy numbers, citing only 40 gay characters on network television. Media Week, however, points out that many reality television show personalities veer toward the queer. GLAAD entertainment media director Damon Romine insists GLAAD’s in the right,

First, he said, when broadcasters announce in advance their scripted plans for the upcoming season, “those plans don’t always include what reality shows are scheduled, and who has been cast on those shows.” Even when gay contestants are announced, Romine added, “It’s not a given that they’ll last on a series.”

While Romine may have a point, Tim Gunn – whose show, Project Runway, boasts a bevy of bent boys – points out that there’s a difference between real gay people and make-believe homos:

We don’t make a big deal about [sexuality]. These are people who are really just being who they are, and it’s simply a matter of fact. They’re just very honest portrayals, versus all the contrivances when they’re scripted.

Media Week points out, however, that regardless of whether the gays are real or scripted, advertisers are throwing mad dough at gay friendly television. And, really, isn’t that all that matters: green.