GLAAD Wants To Erase NY Post’s “Anti-Gay Stereotypes”

GLAAD‘s getting all frothy and shit over NY Post‘s latest crack at gay American Jim McGreevey, pictured above.

In their screaming action alert, “NY Post Publishes Yet Another Gratuitous Vulgar Anti-Gay Cartoon,” the gay watch dogs reminded enraged readers,

This not the first time that the New York Post has provided space for Sean Delonas to perpetuate dehumanizing anti-gay stereotypes. Two days after the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex civil unions in October 2006, Delonas depicted a man carrying a sheep and wearing a veil in front of a marriage license window. On October 5, in the wake of the Mark Foley scandal, Delonas illustrated Jim McGreevey comforting Foley while a sheep lay in bed in the background.

That one really was unfair. It should have been a 17-year old Congressional page.

Now GLAAD’s calling all queers to call the NY Post and take them to task for their “tasteless anti-gay bigotry”. Of course it’s tasteless – it’s Rupert Murdoch‘s NY Post! That’s why people read it. Tasteless goes great with morning coffee.