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GLAAD’s Jarrett Barrios Isn’t Too Concerned With How Judge Vaughn Walker Rules

The logic behind a Prop 8 decision matters, too. As a journalist who observed the Prop 8 trial in San Francisco, I’ve been disturbed by the excessive interest that the presiding judge, Vaughn Walker, has shown in the libertarian idea that the state shouldn’t be involved in the marriage business at all. If he overturns Prop 8 on those grounds — that there should be no government-registered marriages — it might be a disaster for same-sex marriage. Secular straights would lose marriage rights. And conservatives would be proved right after all: Same-sex marriage is a threat to your marriage.

—Joe Mathews, a senior fellow at the think tank New America Foundation, arguing Judge Vaughn Walker’s process for repealing Prop 8 will matter

The trial mattered a lot, but how Judge Walker rules doesn’t matter nearly as much as the process did. Of enormous — but underappreciated — significance was the role the trial played as a forum for gay and lesbian couples to tell their stories. As fair-minded Americans have gotten to know these couples and their inspiring commitment to one another, public opinion has moved toward strong support for equality.

—Jarrett Barrios, president of GLAAD, insisting the exact opposite is true, and placing the real value of Perry v. Schwarzenegger on story time

[Washington Post]

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  • M.R

    I have just lost all respect for GLADD. What a bunch of HINOS! (Homos In Name Only)

    Sorry, couldn’t help but make that joke! haha

  • ggreen

    Who gives a shit what The New America foundation thinks? It is a corporate front group for some of the most right-wing ass hats in America. Its board of directors has some of the same Bush/conservative crowd that has crippled America. They buy just enough neo-liberal jerk-off academics to try to say they are non-partisan. They are a corporate first, citizens second organization.

  • Hunter

    They’re both way out in left field on this one. I’ve been following fairly closely, and I remember one question that Walker posed about the getting the government out of the marriage business, and that one was directed toward establishing a state interest.

    As for Barrios’ comment, sadly, not all that many people followed the trial, particularly since the Supreme Court quashed televising it, and most people, particularly among straights, don’t even know what Perry vs. Schwarzenegger is.

    The process is important — I have a feeling that Walker will craft a very tight opinion on this one, just because he has to — we all know it’s going to be appealed, no matter what his decision is. Just for his own credibility, his reasoning has got to stand up.

  • Mike Kilpatrick

    OMG, what an idiot.

    Does he seriously think Judge Walker will , (or that he has the power to), make all marriages illegal?

    What forum? I have a feeling those who sought out transcripts were the choir. most Americans had no idea this was even happening. Who is this idiot again?

  • ossurworld

    Talk about a spin doctor…

  • Tom B

    OK. Queerty sucks. Stop misquoting, distortning, and lampooning people who are strong LGBT advocates.

    First, the quote you led with (after a headline naming only Barrios) is one by a rightwing nutjob. No one in their right mind thinks Walker is going to make all marriages illegal. Judges ask lots of questions to get lawyers to justify their positions. Asking why he shouldn’t invalide all marriages doesn’t mean that he would ever dream of doing so. I suspect that the right wing loser who said this is aware of that but said the quote anyway to get conservatives all riled up.

    Second, Barrios was answering a question about what impact the CA decision will have on public support of marriage for same-sex couples. He said that no matter what the decision is, support will grow bc people have been exposed to the stories of loving same-sex couples.


  • Tom B

    ok. i googled new america foundation. i was wrong about the right wing thing, but the rest of my comment holds up ;)

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