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GLAAD’s Jarrett Barrios Isn’t Too Concerned With How Judge Vaughn Walker Rules

The logic behind a Prop 8 decision matters, too. As a journalist who observed the Prop 8 trial in San Francisco, I’ve been disturbed by the excessive interest that the presiding judge, Vaughn Walker, has shown in the libertarian idea that the state shouldn’t be involved in the marriage business at all. If he overturns Prop 8 on those grounds — that there should be no government-registered marriages — it might be a disaster for same-sex marriage. Secular straights would lose marriage rights. And conservatives would be proved right after all: Same-sex marriage is a threat to your marriage.

—Joe Mathews, a senior fellow at the think tank New America Foundation, arguing Judge Vaughn Walker’s process for repealing Prop 8 will matter

The trial mattered a lot, but how Judge Walker rules doesn’t matter nearly as much as the process did. Of enormous — but underappreciated — significance was the role the trial played as a forum for gay and lesbian couples to tell their stories. As fair-minded Americans have gotten to know these couples and their inspiring commitment to one another, public opinion has moved toward strong support for equality.

—Jarrett Barrios, president of GLAAD, insisting the exact opposite is true, and placing the real value of Perry v. Schwarzenegger on story time

[Washington Post]

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