GLAAD’s Next President Will Be at the White House Today ‘Cause His Son Told Him To


SOUNDBITES — “When I told my 17-year-old son Javier about the reception, he could sense that I was torn. From across the dinner table, he looked straight at me: ‘Papi, you need to go to the White House, and you need to take me. It’s the President.’ Not persuaded by that one, kid. ‘It’s the President, and he needs to see our family, too. To remind him that we’re counting on him.’ … [A]s my son made me realize, commemorating the Stonewall Riots isn’t about, or just about, our own liberation. It is a call to action for each of us to change the world by telling our stories. Speaking up so that Stonewall can become no longer a part of our present, but truly a part of our history.” —Incoming GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios on why he’s going to see the president today