Glazer’s Lawyers Respond To Gay “Kidnap” Dad’s Take

Yesterday we passed on Eric Hyett’s take on the gay dad “kidnap” tale. You know, the story about how he took his son Jedediah to Israel without consulting estranged husband Joshua Glazer.

Well, now Glazer’s lawyers are offering their own take on the matter, especially Hyett’s claims that Glazer lied to an Israeli court.

Though he won’t offer any new comments, Glazer representative Sam Ferrara had this to say:

Other than to confirm that the version of events presented to you by Mr Hyett is factually inaccurate and can be best borne out by the court documents, as well as assure you that the Israeli court did NOT make any determination based upon unsubstantiated allegations, we cannot comment further pending the upcoming hearings.

It is our sincere belief that our confidence in both the Israeli and New York/Federal authorities will bring about the correct result, as they have thus far.

I remind you that Mr Hyett fled United States jurisdiction without consent and in violation of court directives. He did so with advance planning and quite surreptitiously. These facts will be substantiated by the appropriate authorities in short order.

Hyett and Glazer face off in Israel tomorrow.