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Glee‘s Blaine Is Gonna Get All Bi With Rachel, Apparently

Is Glee even worth watching anymore? We get to hear all the songs, see all the performances, and know all the plot points before the shows even air. Like this one about Darren Criss’ Blaine experimenting, or whatever, with bisexuality (to see if it’s real)? We now know the object of his affection will be Lea Michele’s Rachel. Sometimes I think creator Ryan Murphy just leaks these tidbits to the press to “product test” them in one giant online focus group.

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  • Holy Shit!

    … well this seems like a great idea…

    It really doesn’t, you guys.

  • Devon

    “Is Glee even worth watching anymore?”

    God no.

  • Dylan

    Blaine and Rachel kiss during spin the bottle at Rachel’s party. Both are obviously drunk. Ryan Murphy issued a statement that Blaine is gay and has always been gay and there isn’t going to be any confusion on his part. Blaine definitely isn’t the character who thinks he might be bisexual.

  • alan brickman

    Awesome! Everybody knows Rachel is the “gateway hag” to getting Finn to “Bi Up” and into Blaine’s bed!!!

  • dani

    omg Blaine is bisexual!? it kinda makes sense.. I wouldn’t pair him up with Rachel though, but whatevs let’s see how it develops.

    I’m not feeling Klaine, Kurt could do so so much better.

  • Priscilla Queen of the Jungle

    Figures that raggedy-ass ho would try to take my man. She been on my nerves ever since Season 1, Episode 1.

  • Spike

    After last nights Bieber compilation, this show has jumped the shark for me, time to find something else to watch on Tue. night at 8 PM.

  • Red Meat

    If queerty actually watched glee they would know everyone saw the kiss right after last episode with the preview. He was obviously drunk.

  • Joe

    Have we seen Blaine and Kurt kiss yet? Didn’t they just start a relationship like a week ago? Isn’t it a bit soon to suddenly toss that out the window?

    Maybe I am asking too many questions, but this whole relationship roulette Glee is playing is starting to get tired really fast.

  • George

    Glee is a good tv program. Calm yo shit.

  • Aaron

    No…. Glee really isn’t good. Rarely do they take the songs they get and perform them well. If anything, they just shit all over the songs. Its really painful. And that’s supposed to be the hook of the show. If they can’t do that right, it’s not worth really watching. If I want to watch a teen drama, I’ll watch Degrassi. (It did most of the same plotlines years ago, especially the gay one… the acting tends to be much better, and there’s much less exploitation of the actors)

  • Mikey

    Glee has really jumped the shark since the 1st 1/2 of season 1. It went from great, to spotty (every other episode being horrible,) to just dull and boring.

  • Andres

    Blaine is not Bi, in the upcoming episode next week 2/23/2011 they are playing spin the bottle and he has to kiss Rachel. Thats what all the hoopla is about. The shows creator Ryan Murphy has stated that Blaine is not Bi and is 100% gay.

  • Max Campbell

    Fuck you, biphobic cretins!!! Fashion on male bisexuality is our last chance to overcome vile double standards!
    Male bisexuality must be mainstrean part. Majoruty of men are BI!!!
    But suppress it because double standards!!!

    Ryan Murphy you are awesome!!! Male bisexuality must be popular!!! Only this will bring freedom to gay guys!!!

  • jak

    It’s good that there is a less affected gay character on this show. It balances out the sterotypical portrayals (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  • Jeffree

    Awww, when are they going to let SueSylvester get busy with a lady or two?

    OK,I know it won’t happen, but Jane Lynch’s part is too small AND it would make @Jason/”max cambell” go all ranty on us for a good couple weeks !

    And a little liplocking with a woman won’t make Blaine want to “bi-bye” his BF.

  • Soupy

    Max Campbell!!!!!!!!You are so excited!!!!!!!!!!Wow!!!!!!!!!! There’s a pill for that!!!!!!!!

  • Ian

    @Soupy: lol :)

  • Max Campbell

    Soupy, go to masturbate on fake bi girls, silly hetero-male gaze conformist!!!

    Double standards on bisexuality it is not EQUALITY, it is DISCRIMINATION! We must destroy double standards!!!! Male bisexuality must be part of mainstrean! Only this will bring freedom to gay guys!!!

    Fuck you, vile bustard, with all your troll fake-names!!! Hypocritical piece of crap!

  • Max Campbell

    You stupid monkey can write all what want.I spat on you and on you fake support nicknames!

  • no


  • Max Campbell


  • Olga

    Soupy, kill yourself! Go male bisexuality! Stop double standards!

  • justiceontherocks

    @Soupy: There you go, upsetting a person who is both bi-polar and has multiple personalities.

    Thank you. Keep it up.

  • no

    this isn’t about bisexuality on tv, it’s about ARBITRARY bisexuality forced onto a show in a manner that will only produce cringe-worthy results. The Glee writers will soon be beating out the fan-shippers with the number of senseless and yet stomach-wrenchingly earnest relationships. Soon they’ll be pairing up Kurt, Becky, and Finn’s mom. bisexuals shouldn’t be proud of a show where people inexplicably flip the gay switch at the drop of a hat.

  • Soupy

    Why do I think that Max and Olga are russian strippers, desperate for visas?

  • Seth

    As usual, another Murphy production crashes and burns in record time…

  • Max Campbell

    Soupy, how many fake nicks do you have?

    We want more male bisexuality everywhere! More male-male kisses, more male-male erotic! Majority of men are BI, but suppress it because double standards from porn?

    Ryan Murphy, go! You are great! Your TV series extremely popular around all World!

  • Soupy

    Hi Max!!! I only have one identity!!!! How many do you have!!!!!!!!?

  • Max Campbell

    Im not sure about you=)

  • Adora

    Max Campbell, I agree with you. Very progressive and effective!

    Our slogan: “2 sweet bisex guys for every girl!”

  • Lee

    Enjoying a drunken kiss during a game of spin-the-bottle hardly counts as experimenting. Isn’t that sometimes a joke in stupid buddy movies? Two straight guys get drunk and clingy then wake up the next morning and freak out?

    According to Perez, Murphy released this statement:

    “Blaine is NOT bi. He is gay, and will always be gay. I think it’s very important to young kids that they know this character is one of them.”

    It seems far more likely that Ausiello twisted the story to get himself more hits for his website and it wouldn’t be the first time.

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