Glee Debuts Transgender Character In Falsetto-Filled Disco Episode

Glee debuted a transgender character last night!

The character is a reserved boy named Wade who actually prefers to be a strong-minded girl named Unique. You can see Unique work a killer falsetto and five-inch heels in her performance of “Boogie Shoes” above. The whole episode is disco-inspired, with lots and lots of 70s outfits and groovy dancing.

Unique/Wade is played by Alex Newell, who told Queerty three weeks ago he had no idea what character he’d be playing on the show.

I wonder, did the recent controversy over the transgender Miss Universe contestant influence Ryan Murphy‘s decision to write Alex into the script as a trans-woman-to-be?

Alex has one more episode as a guest star, so it’ll be interesting to see whether his character makes a decision to start dressing as a woman at school.