Meet Jake

‘Glee’ star who came out as trans speaks out for the first time

Former Glee actor/singer Jake Zyrus has spoken out for the first time since revealing he’s transgender.

The actor, who played foreign exchange student Sunshine Corazon, told Filipino publication The Inquirer that transitioning was a very natural transition for him.

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“I just went with the flow, as always,” he said.

“I had to wait, because I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

What I was sure of, though, was that I wanted to present the real me the next time I stepped onstage.

What pushed me was seeing other people having a hard time telling the world who they truly are.

They’re the reason why I did this – aside from personal reasons, of course.

It’s a screen name for now, but the fact that people are calling me by that name is a big deal for me as a transman.

I hope to eventually change my name officially, but not anytime soon – that’s a complicated process.

I’d choose a different name, if that time ever comes.”

He’s also been thanking fans for their support on social media, writing on Twitter:

“My first tweet as Jake. Overwhelmed. Saw all your love comments and I’m so happy. Finally. I love you, everyone and see you soon.

I won’t let anyone ruin this moment. I won’t let anyone ruin my happiness. Thank you to all the beautiful write ups about me.”

On Instagram, he wrote “Thank you.”

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the love and respect. I love you back and I’m sending peace to everyone.”

Fans have been overwhelmingly suportive, with one of them tweeting:

“@jakezyrus I love you JAKE. fully support all the way love from Singapore. Be strong stay happy and pray always.”