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Glee Was Gay In Season 1. It’s a Fabulous Flaming Queer In Season 2

When Glee returns in the fall for Season 2, creator Ryan Murphy will be giving Kurt a boyfriend (football star Sam, played by Chord Overstreet), the cast will show off the trans lyrical stylings with a Rocky Horror Picture Show,-themed episode, and Jane Lynch will still be on it. Is Murphy trying to get the Parents Television Council to lose it?

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    I am really suprised that Glee didn’t cause the frightwing lunatics heads to explode in season one. For some reason it flew under the Gays are causing the implosion of the world radar…………

    Am sure that will all change shortly and the FCC look forward to thousands of emails with the exact same verbage rallying about how Glee is causing all the teens in the US to suddenly have the urge to begin fornicaitng with their same sex best friends……..(unbeknownst to them, many of the already are…….. :-p)

    PS: If ya use the googles you will see that despite that pic, Kurt’s new BF is actually pretty hawt……………

  • Joseph

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: You could always just click the link in the article.

  • Henry Holland

    I’m glad they’re giving Kurt a boyfriend, that whole “Stalking Straight-Guy Finn” storyline was getting really creepy.


    @Joseph: Duh…….first day with my new eyes! :-p

  • Brandon H

    I was kinda hoping they wouldn’t go all pretty white boy+pretty white boy, it just seems so cliche. Oh well, i love me a cornfed football jock as much as the next guy.

  • kevinVancouver

    sorry guys Im as gay as they come what with being a drag queen and all.. I don’t watch Glee I think it kinda sucks…

  • Ian

    @kevinVancouver: Same here, the characters are cardboard cut-outs of actual people. I don’t diss those that like this show, but I too find it to be empty, sophomoric, flat in characterization, and just out and out dumb. Give me gay characters that have more than one side and are more fleshed out like Marshall on United States of Tara, Lafayette on True Blood, heck even gay characters on Degrassi.

  • Chuck

    I am very happy that they chose a virtual unknown. That is consistent to what the show has done with all the other actors and makes it fair to them and fair to the fans.

    The guy looks like a good choice also because he’s cute (perhaps cuter than Chris wanted?) but not huge like one of the football gorillas. To me, he reminds me of Randy Harrison from Queer as Folk.

    I also think it is a very good idea to introduce the character slowly and to develop him in his own right before anything romantically happens with our boy Kurt. Brilliant move by the brilliant Ryan Murphy! This will ensure that Sam isn’t just some flavor of the month, Very Special Episode, Kurt’s Boyfriend stereotype.

    Additionally, this is how love really works for high school gay people I think. They really don’t have the luxury of flirting with anyone they find attractive for fear of bodily injury so they necessarily admire from afar. Kurt needs to be able to do this, that is what happened with Finn. By getting to know Sam as a person first, admiring him for who he is, it will let his and Kurt’s love be something meaningful and real. It will also basically redo the circumstances with Finn that led to pain for Kurt but this time let Kurt’s greatest dreams be realized by having the object of his affections be realized.

    Finally, by making Sam a true competitor for Finn and possible love interest for Quinn, this is a necessary part of making Sam into Mr. Popular, which will be necessary if/when Sam and Kurt become a power couple.

  • sam

    @Ian: To say that the characters are cut-outs is kind of missing the point… they’re MEANT to be cut-outs…

    I mean, how much more of a stereotype is there than football jock + hot cheerleader, and that’s there from the beginning.

    Can understand it’s flaws, but stereotypes etc isn’t one of them

  • McMike

    @kevinVancouver: My thoughts too. I was really into it for the first couple of episodes when the music and the story intertwined with each other but it got to be “story line, stop story line so everyone can sign a song, story line continues.”

    I really want to like it but I find it more irritating than entertaining though I really dig how gay it is. The coolest thing, IMO, is how their version of “Smalltown Girl” (?) by Journey went to #2 on the UK pop charts.

  • PopSnap


    You said everything I was thinking and more. Plus, imagine the drama that will ensue- nothing like a love triangle between Quinn, Sam, and Kurt to spice things up! :)

  • Queer Supremacist

    @kevinVancouver: I refuse to watch it because they auto-tune every song to death. If you can’t find actors who can sing, I hear Marni Nixon is still alive. That and everything I’ve read about the show makes me think “this got a Peabody award? Even The Love Boat had better writing than this”.

    I also hated sWill and disGrace, Queer as Folk (a bilious piece of anti-gay propaganda), Queer Eye for the “Straight” Guy. And I wouldn’t watch LOGO if you paid me. Then again, I don’t like modern popular culture or any current scripted shows except Mad Men and Futurama.

    @Ian: The Golden Girls was more on the ball with their one-off non-stereotyped gay characters whom NBC apparently allowed once every two seasons. And that was when I was a kid!

  • PopSnap

    Will & Grace is obviously made for females so I don’t really watch it because it just doesn’t interest me. Queer as Folk, however, is a classic. There were some bad things about it, sure-like the implication that all gay men are shallow & sex obsessed, but the eventual ending made up for all of it with the characters’ respective happily ever after. It was something that many LGBT people needed to see- gay people are *gasp* happy & successful in the end?

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