Glee‘s Kurt In A Gay Bar? A New Slutty Queer? Are Circuit Parties Next?

TVLine’s Michael Ausiello has plenty of gay gossip on the new season of Glee.

First comes news that Dave Karofsky will be returning in late October in a very unusual way. The closeted bully will run into his favorite punching bag, Kurt, at a gay bar. What are the two minors doing in a bar? Well, like every closeted Republican tells us, we assume they were just there to use the bathroom. (Then again, late October is fairly close to Halloween, so maybe they were both trick-or-treating?)

And speaking of Kurt, just because Blaine has transferred to McKinley to be with him doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing for Blurt (or is it Klaine? Kurt Co-Blaine?) Ausiello also reports that a new character might just bust up the happy couple.

Grant Gustin, whose credits include playing Baby John in the national tour of West Side Story, plays Sebastian, a gay Dalton Warbler “who sets his sights on Blaine.” He’s set to make his debut in this season’s fifth episode.

Writes Ausiello:

Both Fox and the show’s producers declined to comment, but the buzz is that Sebastian is the polar opposite of Kurt in every possible way. He’s more like the male version of Santana in that he’s both promiscuous and kinda-sorta scheming.

“He’s our villain this season,” an insider tells me. “It’s a major role.”

Actually, if this Sebastian drives a wedge between Kurt and Blaine that might open the door for a Kurt Hummel/David Karofsky romance? Durt? Kammel?

On second thought, forget we brought it up.

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  • Derek

    Grant and I went to the same college (Elon University)! I actually had a secret crush on him and–this is embarrassing–friended him on Facebook. He rejected my request but I still think it’s really cool that he’s made it big since he was doing college productions just two years ago.

  • Oz

    And we should care about this already tired show why?

  • chrissie riot

    Some bars do all ages nights where the 21+ get an arm band to differentiate between the under-age kids.

  • Chris

    This is Ryan Murphy we are talking about. The main characters in Nip/Tuck switched partners so often that one actually did switch orientation. Murphy just can’t seem to do anything with a steady couple.

  • sam

    @Oz: Because this is a blog of news with a wide variety of topics, from serious issues of violence and prejudice, to entertainment news… And Glee is a successful and popular tv show with a heavy gay focus?


  • Dave

    Agreed Oz, Glee sucks and it’s one of the most poorly written shows there is.

    It’s also full of really bad GLBT and gay male stereotypes all wrapped up with song and dance to please the heteros who think all gay men are femme.

  • fredo777

    And, yet, the people who tirelessly bash the show still take the time to enter an article specifically about the show. Why, exactly? Annnnnyway… I am also holding out hope for a Kurt + Karofsky hook-up. Karofsky is such a teddy bear.

  • Eric

    Given all of the typical portrayals of gays in television, I for one think that Blaine is a refreshing example of a confident, young gay man who doesn’t have to be the femmiest queen on the block.

    Furthermore, funny thing about television… Typically, shows that no one likes and no one watches get cancelled… those that don’t fall in that category, surprise surprise, are still on the air.

  • Oz

    Glee ratings tanked with premier this season and agree Dave, that’s precisely why Glee is so bad, the promotion of bad stereotypes.

  • Drew

    A LOT of gay men see shows like Glee and Will & Grace to be pretty bad at promoting gay male stereotypes, it’s like how Amos and Andy did this to black men.

  • christopher di spirito

    People who are familiar with my comments on Queerty know I’m a big fan of Glee.

    However, this season just isn’t working. Ryan Murphy fucked it up by letting it slip that three principle cast members were being written out to maintain “realism.” The backlash was immediate and Murphy was forced to backtrack. This season is just flat and joyless.

    Even the musical numbers don’t have that ring to them.

  • fredo777

    @Drew: A lot of gay men are also full of sh*t, bashing the show in public but Tivo’ing every episode on the sly.

  • Little Kiwi

    i’ve never understood why those who don’t watch the show bash it. i don’t watch the show. it aint for me. that said, i’m SO glad the show exists – it’s empowering so many young people to be themselves.

    i hear a complaint from the same type of gay man a LOT – that it’s about “stereotypes” …uh….it’s a show about a school Glee club. Don’t be mad at Glee for utterly illustrating what a lot of young gay men like Kurt go through, be mad that Friday Night Lights isn’t making gay characters a vital part of their storylines.

    three cheers for Chris Colfer, a brave young man, a vanguard, and a real inspiration to young people. if this show had been around when i was a young teen it would likely have been my favourite thing in the world.

  • Michael


    I can honestly say I have never watched one single episode of Glee.

  • fredo777

    @Michael: Yet the allure of this article was so strong, you couldn’t resist reading about a show you’ve never wanted to watch? It’s possible, I suppose. Odd, but possible.

  • Michael


    First of all no need to be a smart ass enough people here do that job in that area no need for you to take over.Rolls eyes.Secondly I have not even bothered to read this article I just saw what you wrote and felt like posting.Pardon the hell out of me.

  • fredo777

    @Michael: Hey. Cool your Jets, Tony.

    Whattup West Side Story reference. Speaking of which, there was a fantastic duet of ‘Somewhere’ by Idina Menzel + Lea Michele in the last episode. Which, apparently, you missed. Suckstobeyou.

  • Michael


    What an asshole no surprise theres plenty of those on this site.SuckstobeYOU thank god im not anything like your kind.

  • Robert

    There are three gay characters, and none of them are the same. One is femme, and you would never know that the other two were gay unless they told you. It seems to me that it’s doing enough to show that like straight people, there are different kinds of gay people.

    Not that I’m totally defending the show. There are other things about it that annoy me.

  • Aterisk

    I agree with the sentiment that season 3 isn’t nearly as good as the past two seasons, /especially/ in terms of music choices. I know its only been two episodes thus far, but the premier was just horrid (music wise) in my opinion.

    I’m glad to see that maybe we can have some Kurtofsky (Thats the official pairing name) action, because that has been my want ever since “The Kiss”.

    As for stereotypes, yes Kurt does fill the gay stereotype, but as for Blaine and David, they definitely dont. You can’t say that it pushes stereotypes when not /every/ gay character is what is considered to be the stereotype. Sure Blaine likes musical theatre and so does Kurt, but Blaine also likes football and has no (apparent) interest in fashion. He also doesn’t like to play up his gayness (as seen in “Prom Night”). And David is a closet case footballer, very masculine and actually a bully.

  • fredo777

    @Michael: haha get over yourself, mary.

  • Michael


    Gee your maturity is so fascinating.Let me know how I can be as hypocritical and dumb as you are dude it sounds absolutely wonderful! :)I prefer Peter also.

  • fredo777

    @Michael: Hypocritical based on what, exactly? I never claimed that I wasn’t snarky from time to time, but all in good fun.

  • Michael


    Yes using that idiotic term MARY really is in all good fun so is the term suckstobeyou which you used against me.People like you need to think of the bigger picture if the gay community wants to achieve true full equality then once AGAIN for the 100th goddamn time we need to start treating each OTHER equally with respect most of all.Could care less for the arrogant pompous long winded smart ass snarky rude posters here nor their behavior.But be my guest thats exactly what I meant by hypocritical you want to mock people who are gay just like you then go right ahead.Don’t be surprised though if many of you heres behavior affects our chances for equality and equal respect in this world even more then it already does. It just makes us look even more like hypocrites treating each other the exact same way the bigots treat us.Thats exactly what the bigots want btw for us to laugh at one another put each other down for us to look down on one another and mock each other.Looks like they are winning so far.

  • Tigris

    This is good. Please break up this insipid and unrealistic twosome. There’s no way that a hot guy would even be seen with the falsetto princess.

  • fredo777

    @Michael: Funny, you seemed to take offense to my using the phrase “suckstobeyou”, yet you had no problem turning around + using it against me. You also had no problem looking down your nose at “my kind”. Sounds like I’m not the real hypocrite around here. Perhaps if you have such a problem with the likes of us who post on Queerty, you should post elsewhere?

  • fredo777

    At any rate, this debate is off-topic + I’ll only be making future posts on this article that are relevant to the show ‘Glee’.

  • Cam

    I have NEVER bought the Blaine Kurt relationship. Completely phony. When Kurt tells Blain he likes him and Blain responds by basically saying, gee, I never thought of that…ok, thats great. Give me a break, if Blain was attracted to Kurt he would have known it.

    Honestly I’ve always thought that Kurt and Karafsky might end up together. But as far as the new guy being a villain, after the creepy stalker way he acted with Finn, I don’t see Kurt as a hero.

    But then again, who really watched Glee for the plot? The Plot is just a bunch of idiotic poorly written drivel you wade through to wait for the musical numbers.

  • Michael


    Oh my god people like you ALWAYS think you are so cunning and brilliant.

    Whatever. Nah mr no nothing you are still the hypocrite you were the one acting like an immature 2 year old just because I told the truth and said I never have watched Glee a day in my life.Then you stupidly made it seem as if I was LYING when I wasn’t.

    Then I told you off for your idiocy hypocritical attitude and childishness especially your 2ND response to me.Now run along MARY as you idiotically called me.I suggest you lose the ego and grow up snarky one. Funny how foolish you are all I did was give you a taste of your own medicine THAT is why I used that idiotic juvenile phrase that you used moron.

    Nice try I didnt look my nose down on you your kind just make the gay community look bad with your childish immature hateful snarky egotistical rude hypocritical attitudes behavior and actions.That’s all I meant. :)

    Perhaps you should not tell me what I should and should not be doing nor where I should and should not post.I will continue to post freely wherever I choose to thank you very much snarky one. :)

  • fredo777

    @Michael: People like me are cunning + brilliant. And, as I said before, any further discussion I have in this thread will only be about the Glee show. If you’d like to argue for or against it, fine, but you can keep the rest to yourself.

  • Michael


    Nah you’re full of shit definitely not cunning or brilliant.So save the ego little boy you’re definitely nothing special even though you think you are lol

    Nope Ill say what I please moron you are not the authority of this site nor can you tell people to leave like you stupidly told me before.

    But back on topic less arrogance more humility just a tip stupid.

    Ive never watched Glee a day in my life nothing against the show just never really gotten into it.

  • fredo777

    Wow. Someone has a hard time with reading + comprehension…

    And that is Noah “Puck” Puckerman.

    Now, if you all will excuse me, I’m going to go watch the 30-Year-Old Virgin… Oops, 40-Year-Old Virgin. I tend to get those hilarious comedies mixed up.

  • Anthony


    You’ll note that not all gay men on the show are “femme”
    I know plenty of masculine men that enjoy the preforming arts. It’s a tv show. Get over it.
    Blaine is the more masculine one in the relationship.
    Which is actually something that doesn’t fit the gay community because masculine guys have issues with effeminate gay guys. Glee is a great show in my opinion. Overall it’s nice that they are putting a face on young gay people. God forbid it doesn’t fit your pathetic view of it.

  • Anthony

    @Dave: Oh and Dave. Thing is the gay guys that are effeminate and fit the “stereotype” have it harder than the ones that are lucky enough to get the deep voice and have the masculine facade. So you really have no right to complain. Because ironically the masculine ones don’t come out until they are no longer in highschool. Sometimes going as far as to date girls, and play the straight act until “being gay just eats me up inside and I hate lying”
    I don’t bash femme or masculine gays. I let them do what they need. What annoys me is guys like you.

  • Anthony

    @Michael: Hey Mike you should of responded to Dave’s comment :)
    If you’re talking about respect

  • Clambrosia

    @Michael: Your awesome. You wont arguement easily, freddie, freddo, whatever the fuck his name was backed down SHAME THE FUCK ON HIM! You won

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