Glee’s Naya Rivera Earns $3,500 per Kiss at GLAAD Awards Last Weekend

Hot off the YouTubes, here’s Glee’s Naya Rivera hosting the GLAAD Media Awards this weekend in San Francisco.

Naya, of course, is delightful and gay-affirming and all that (“I am here to tell you that playing gay is good in every way”), but during her opening monologue the assembled crowd put their money where her mouth is: Naya offered to auction away two kisses to benefit GLAAD. (They went for $3,500.)

And then came the awards! The winners are:

So … what do you think of this? Was The Kids are All Right really the best wide-release LGBT film of the year? We’re trying to think of another but we’re having trouble coming up with anything. After Elton helpfully suggests I Love You Phillip Morris and Easy A, which we wrote about on Friday.

And have you seen 8: The Mormon Proposition yet? It’s on Netflix streaming so you really have no excuse. It’s a plucky little documentary-that-could, unraveling the fascinating little Mormon tangle of 2008’s Prop 8 election. Other good documentaries last year: Stonewall Uprising, which is about Stonewall, obviously. And Movie Dearest also recommends Waking Sleeping Beauty, which is all about the catalysmic shakeup at Disney in the late 80s.

Also, shamefully, Queerty has never once written about Mexican actor and singer Christian Chávez, so we have to confess a bit of a knowledge gap. Any Chávez fans out there in the audience? Tell us all about him.