Glee‘s Trouty Mouth Tossed Back Into Blond Lake

For Chord Overstreet it has been a short, strange and sad summer.

First, Glee‘s creative team dreamt up “Trouty Mouth” Sam–Overstreet’s new-kid-at-school character–the show’s first token homeless teen in a weird stab at gritty, economic-crisis-based cultural relevance. Then they broke him up with Quinn (Dianna Agron). And now they’re turning him into a drop-out. This guy can’t win.

Weekend reports say that Overstreet’s option as a series regular wasn’t picked up and—in another turn of events that suggests this decision was about something other than budget—both Harry Shum, Jr. and Darren Criss got bumped up to the majors as regular cast members. Oh yeah, and the staff added six new writers.

Why? Who knows why, but in the end fans will see little to no Sam in season three.

Maybe the powers that be simply decided that Sam never grew into a fully developed-enough character to begin with and that they’d soon run out of goofy, implausible story arcs for him. Maybe he got embroiled in an old-fashioned Hollywood Babylon scandal like that rumor about Richard Gere and the gerbil. Or maybe the rest of the cast organized themselves into a ritualistic devil-cult, turned on him, and planned to sacrifice his yellow-hairness at their next black mass on a Travie McCoy-featuring-Bruno Mars-shaped altar.

Or maybe creator Ryan Murphy just got bored with the prospect of fleshing out another straight boy character and now only wants to do business with Darren Criss. The reason for Overstreet’s dismissal could quite literally be anything. And we’ll never know, at least not until the unauthorized tell-alls starts hitting bookstore shelves.