Glee‘s Trouty Mouth Tossed Back Into Blond Lake

For Chord Overstreet it has been a short, strange and sad summer.

First, Glee‘s creative team dreamt up “Trouty Mouth” Sam–Overstreet’s new-kid-at-school character–the show’s first token homeless teen in a weird stab at gritty, economic-crisis-based cultural relevance. Then they broke him up with Quinn (Dianna Agron). And now they’re turning him into a drop-out. This guy can’t win.

Weekend reports say that Overstreet’s option as a series regular wasn’t picked up and—in another turn of events that suggests this decision was about something other than budget—both Harry Shum, Jr. and Darren Criss got bumped up to the majors as regular cast members. Oh yeah, and the staff added six new writers.

Why? Who knows why, but in the end fans will see little to no Sam in season three.

Maybe the powers that be simply decided that Sam never grew into a fully developed-enough character to begin with and that they’d soon run out of goofy, implausible story arcs for him. Maybe he got embroiled in an old-fashioned Hollywood Babylon scandal like that rumor about Richard Gere and the gerbil. Or maybe the rest of the cast organized themselves into a ritualistic devil-cult, turned on him, and planned to sacrifice his yellow-hairness at their next black mass on a Travie McCoy-featuring-Bruno Mars-shaped altar.

Or maybe creator Ryan Murphy just got bored with the prospect of fleshing out another straight boy character and now only wants to do business with Darren Criss. The reason for Overstreet’s dismissal could quite literally be anything. And we’ll never know, at least not until the unauthorized tell-alls starts hitting bookstore shelves.

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  • Atlas

    I’m so sad. He was already a much more fleshed-out character than Blaine, who’s more of a plot-device than a character.

  • Kevin_BGFH

    Awww, bummer. I was hoping for at least one more shower scene.

  • Scott

    I like the character of Sam but don’t understand why he’s there. His storyline started out great but then fell to the back burner. I thought he would wind up being Kurt’s boyfriend by the end of the season that Blaine was a red herring, but Blaine’s popularity soared with the great songs he was singing acapella. Sam didn’t get good enough material. Chord probably has a bad agent.

    The Sam storyline isn’t the first to be abandoned by TPTB. Why hasn’t Puck been sniffing around for more Moms? Personally I would prefer that Puck be revealed to be a 28 year old undercover police officer trying to find the Glee club’s recreational drug connection. He looks too old to be a high school student. This plot twist would better explain the character’s absence at the beginning of season 2 and his penchant for Moms.

    I vote to get rid of Mark Salling and re-instate Chord Overstreet.

  • j

    “And we’ll never know, at least not until the unauthorized tell-alls starts hitting bookstore shelves.” Oh queerty, you so crazy. People don’t read books.

  • Steve

    Despite being a fan of the show, I knew early on that Glee would jump the shark… early on. Its a major flaw in high school shows, but introducing new characters almost never works out for any kind of TV except for Soap Operas which are basically only known for changing characters constantly. Not to mention, Glee is one of those shows that never really utilized the interesting characters they have. Sam seemed like one of the most realistic characters at that damn school and now they’re dumping him. Great.

    Oh well. I’ll still probably watch this next season, but depending on how it goes and how it ends, we’ll see if I bother with a fourth.

  • pound em hard69

    who is this guy?????

  • kitty litter

    Well, there is always porn to fall back to.

  • alan Balehead

    I guess Chord doesn’t like to sit on the casting couch..o well….

  • christopher di spirito

    Van Nuys is just over the Hollywood Hills in the Valley.

    With lips like that, Chord could become a millionaire in gay porn before he reaches the age of 25.

  • alan Balehead

    Lucky is a great song….sorry Chord doesn’t conform to the haters…

  • Haag

    It’s a shame that they are cutting back on his character. I wanted to see how his relationship with Mercedes was going to play out.

  • Cam

    He was supposed to be a gay character and date Kurt, that didn’t pan out so he’s gone.

    Frankly though, if anybody is ready to go it would be Finn, he doesn’t sing as well as the others and they’ve already put him through relationships with pretty much everybody there.

    Oh, and if the people from Glee are reading this, how about making Kurt a bit less creepy next season.

  • x

    nooo, i wanted him to get with kurt. blaine is so boring.

    wait. why do i care, this show is awful. ugh.

  • JR

    Glee is simply a musical high school soap opera: bullying, sexual orientation, popularity, first sexual experiences, homelessness, loss of a loved one, beauty, envy, individuality, peer pressure, secrets, betrayal, teen pregnancy, disabilities, adoption, blended families, financial problems, acceptance (of one’s self and of others), greed, unrequited love, lust, rumors…

    What topic necessary for a teen drama have they not addressed?: Teen suicide. Murphy introduced Sam, made him a nice, likable kid, gave him a dramatic storyline to build the sympathy, so how much of an impact would it make on the core audience to have the kid kill himself? Or even if he just dies? Yes, they killed off Sue’s sister, but that was a peripheral character and an adult. If you want it to mean something, it can’t be a one-shot guest star. It has to be someone the audience knows and cares about.

    Think about how you felt when Radar announced that Henry Blake’s plane had crashed; when the sludge creature killed Tasha Yar just to demonstrate he could; when Rosalind Shays stepped in as the elevator doors opened; when Buffy found Joyce, unmoving and with her eyes open; when Dexter came home to find Rita in a bathtub full of blood; when Florida Evans learned that James had died in a car crash; when Archie found Edith’s slipper.

    With the right script and nothing to spoil the surprise (other than me), this could be an Emmy for Murphy.

    Let the flaming begin.

  • Pip

    that’s kind of bullshit. why are they pretending like any of the characters are fleshed out? I could use a whole lot less of the puck and main girl romance. i mean that shit is just tiresome.

  • J

    Am I the only one who hates the fat girl? Puck’s girlfriend. She is annoying. I’d rather see her leave than anyonee else.

  • randy

    I think the reason Chord is cut is that he doesn’t have a star personality. Darren Chris is a big hit, and made a splash with his singing. He has star power, or at least more of it than others, and he even has a sexual charisma. Kurt also has more star power — recall that he was supposed to be a minor character on the show, but Chris Colfer has some star power, and so the gravity of the show shifted to him.

    It’s possible that Chord got stuck with weak writing, but that’s the breaks. Not every can outshine everyone. He’s good, but he just doens’t have the impact of Finn, Quinn, Kurt or even Artie. And he doesn’t have a strong sex appeal.

    I’m sure the writers and producers are reading the fan mail too, and I’m sure that the fan base is screaming for Darren more than Chord.

    This is what makes the difference between being and actor and being a star. Not everyone has star power, and that’s something Chord, and everyone else on the show, has to learn at some point.

  • Interesting

    I read somewhere that the actor didn’t want to play gay. So, they had to change the story line not just because of the popularity of the Warblers, but also due to that issue, but I can’t find where I read that.

    I like the show, but it is what it is.

    The only thing “creepy” about Kurt is that he’s not the poster child for what gay men want straight people to think about us. There are kids like Kurt out there. It took me a while to translate that “creepy” which I see on other sites is really another way of saying “his being so overly queeny makes me uncomfortable.”

    Now, if you want to say he’s stereotypical- I would agree with that. But, then so is everyone else on the show. From the sassy black fat girl to the obsessed with her looks cheerleader to the teachers (for instance, does anyone buy for one second that someone really given a chance to star on broadway as the teacher on the show as given would give it up for his student? I mean if you believe that give me your number because I got some prime beach front property to sell you for a dime).

    I stopped watching the show for characterization and story. I realized its like watching Seinfeld for a moral lesson.

    The show is really just a series of music numbers with some light characterization and occasional story thrown in to fill up the space. I’m okay with that.

  • Erich

    Chord’s character was interesting at first: hot but geeky (he spoke Navi) and they did nothing with it. They turned him into the uninteresting/clueless boyfriend, a victim of the recession and… that’s it. Too bad.

  • fredo777

    Yeah, I agree with Erich’s assessment of how Sam had potential to be somewhat quirky + offbeat, but he ended up being kind of run-of-the-mill. Other than his family being homeless, there wasn’t much about his character recently that made him stand out as interesting. Well, nothing other than the prospect of his + Mercedes’ relationship. I wanted to see where that was going.

  • GayGOP

    Sam was a character that did not get good treatment. He turned into a nice, less prejudiced version of Finn. He could have been so much more interesting, even if he remained straight. He started out looking like he was going to be a great character. Then nothing happened.

    I wonder if Sam didn’t get thrown aside to develop Karofsky so they could put together the bullying story line.

    Either way, it’s time for the main pair…Finn and Rachel, to go away. Sam could have taken Finn’s place, and the show would have been better off, I think.


    big MISTAKE!…there are NO really good looking blonde kids in the show, WILLING to show some skin!..maybe IF we all get together, it has been done before,sign a petition to bring Chord back…I am not behind the scenes,don’t know what was negotiated, maybe HE wanted off?…but his character NEVER took flight, no story around him etc..sang a couple of songs but my memories of him are in that “Rocky Horror Show”..”I need something loser to not show off my JUNK!” OH BABY!..I LOVE YOUR JUNK AND YOU CHORD!


  • grayyoung

    @TONYC: haha yeah, a FAN petition… if there is one producer on television right now that does things his way and his way only – it is the queen of all television queens, ryan murphy. he controls EVERYTHING about that show. If Murphy wants him gone, it doesn’t matter what the fans say, Overstreet is gone. Now im not trying to say i don’t like Ryan Murphy, he is basically my idol and it is actually directly because of his overbearing control that the show has such success, imho. he is kind of like steve jobs in that he tells an audience what to like and they go crazy for it. I love Ryan Murphy and he is a great gay role model.

  • Armstrong

    I believe the rumors were, trouty mouth refused to make use of his mouth… on RM

  • Adam

    Though I liked Sam, I think Queerty hit the nail on the head; what are they supposed to do with his character? He’s basically another Finn. The cast is getting too big and when that happens shows usually become unfocused messes (see Grey’s Anatomy.) If this is going to be the last season with this cast, they need it to be focused in (well, focused in for Glee’s standards anyway.) Mike and Blaine have much more potential to be fleshed out than Sam, it simply makes sense for his character to go (Chord Overstreet’s cute and his star is hot right now, he’ll find another show in ten seconds flat.)

  • Red Meat

    Is it so hard to for people to go and find reliable news? If anyone bothered to actually to check blonde’s twitter, you would know he is killing is career himself. He has been working on an album and wants to work on it full time and promote it full time. He will appear on the show to sing his songs most likely.

    Glee is one of the few shows I have ever seen that the creators are the center of attention for every change and mishap, usually the actors are the face for the media.

  • Meowzer

    LIke Chord’s character much more than Harry Shum and Ashley Fink’s charachters. Glee club needs to have more singers, not more fillers.

  • Cam

    @Interesting: said….

    “The only thing “creepy” about Kurt is that he’s not the poster child for what gay men want straight people to think about us. There are kids like Kurt out there. It took me a while to translate that “creepy” which I see on other sites is really another way of saying “his being so overly queeny makes me uncomfortable.”

    No, what was “Creepy” about Kurt is that he was a stalker to Finn, and yet tried to negate the complete creepiness of his actions because Finn used the word “Faggy”. I never thought Kurt was creepy until that storyline, it has nothing to do with how masculine or feminine they have him act.

  • mike

    @Cam: you say “stalker” like it’s a bad thing …

  • alan Balehead

    He wouldn’t put out…so Ryan got rid of him….

  • John

    I am kind of sad to see Chord Overstreet leaving Glee but it’s his own fault. He was hired to play Kurt’s boyfriend and then decided he didn’t want to play gay after production was already underway. That is when they had to go a different route and they brought in Darren Criss. You can look back with Google or whatever to see that Kurt was going to wind up with a star football player last season. If Chord Overstreet was willing to play what he was hired to play Darren Criss never would have been added to the show.

  • x

    @John: I thought Ryan Murphy was mad that Jane Lynch kinda spoiled the surprise so he re-wrote the character.

  • Interesting

    @Cam: That story line was over a season ago. Does it not bother you that you continue to talk about it?

    And this is one of those occasion where the example on serves to prove the point. What as creepy about a gay kid having a crush? Do you find it creepy when straight kids on shows have unrequited crushes when they pursue them?

    If say yes, I would suggest you not watch a lot of teen dramas/comedies, etc since that’s how most of them play out. The one geeky kid on nearly every show going after some girl they can’t get. I challenge you to name one show where such a storyline is not used.

    so, no, I don’t buy it. I think its the heightened feelings that gay people have about seeing other gay people that they fear “embarasses” them. May be for you its not the effeminate element. But your view point is definitely not a natural expectation for this type of show- where kids want each other- even when they can’t have each other- all the time. I suspect “creepy” means “gay” precisely because I can not see how you can reasonably differentiate between Kurt, and every other KID like him.

    I also have to asked- and may be this is part of the problem- did you ever have an unrequited love interest in your life? Did you ever make a fool of yourself for them? If not, you haven’t lived. Then again, most gay men didn’t experience being gay in their teens. They experienced them in their 20s. Kurt is acting like any teen would have acted. In other words, like a complete fool, but no creepier than the norm.

  • Interesting

    @x: No, I had also read some place that he did no want to play gay. If rumors were all it took to end a story line, Klaine would never have happened since Murphy denied that one too.

  • x

    @Interesting: i could’ve sworn i’d read the exact opposite, that he would’ve been okay playing gay. and then i have some gossipy gays that are in on that whole scene that he’s actually bi IRL, so i don’t really know what to believe here.

  • Interesting

    @x: frankly it was just a rumor so either on of us could be right. who knows.

  • Jimmy Fury

    @Interesting: I would venture a guess that it wasn’t the crush but the “I’m going to set my father up with your mother so they’ll get married and you’ll move in and be my stepbrother and share my bedroom because I love you.” part of the crush that was creepy.

    And it was.

    and @x I read the same thing about him saying he’d love to play gay… I think it was here on queerty… maybe?

  • Steven

    Blech. Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks like a Sleestak?

  • Interesting

    @Jimmy Fury: I am going once again venture a guess that you have not see a lot of teen comedies such as American Pie. Again- may be I am weird in that I have seen a lot. There’s nothing you can write about the Kurt plot line that hasn’t happened a million times with straight story lines. Trust- Murphy hasn’t been very creative in a long time. The entire show is premised on a million other stories down to the first episode, which starts like every other teenaged show with the reliable shot of the underdog driving into the school parking lot. How many times have I see movies start like that- a million. So, again- did those straight boy does foolish thing to get girl scenes seem creepy to you? And, why didn’t you notice them until now?

  • Interesting

    List of movies where boys do a lot of really foolish things to get girls could literally take all day to fill up and we would still be back for more- Porkies, American Pie, and on and on and on. The entire premise of those movies is boys doing stupid things to get girls. Every last one of them. Yet Kurt is “weird” because he does the same thing. I am a big believer in testing what I think against by asking “If x did it, would I feel the same way?” Same question to you- since so many straight movies play out exactly as Kurt played out- were you grossed out by the straight stalker antics? If not, ask yourself why rather than telling me I am wrong.

  • Jimmy Fury

    @Interesting: I’ve seen American Pie and countless other teen comedies including Greg Araki’s teen apocalypse trilogy which makes pretty much everything else look boring and asexual in comparison.

    I’m sorry that you’re completely hung up on trying to prove you’re the only open minded person on earth. Contrary to what you’re entirely certain of though, some people don’t give a fuck how effeminate Kurt is and we’re allowed to criticize his character’s actions without it being some secret code for hating queeny guys.

    Stalking it creepy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gay guy stalking a straight guy or a nerdy best friend stalking Molly Ringwald. Stalking is creepy. Despite what you’ve decided in your own head, nobody ever said Kurt was the first creepy guy in a teen comedy. You’re the only one saying that.

  • Interesting

    @Jimmy Fury: Yeah, here’s the thing- Greg Araki’s movies includes one about a pedophile, and you claim Kurt creeps you out, but not his movies. This isn’t about being open minded. This is about not bullshitting. And you sir, are bullshitting.

  • Interesting

    One other point- I again am trying to really picture how anyone who claims as you do to have seen a lot of teen age comedies and still find Kurt anymore creepy than those movies. That’s why i think you are bullshiting and staking out a position at this point because everyone of those movies involves a kid doing some really foolish shit to get girls he’s never gonna get. Did they creep you out too?

    You don’t answer the quesiton.

  • Guy

    Not being picked up as a series regular and leaving the show are two different things. Harry Shum Jr’s character has been a recurring chararcter (as opposed to a season regular) for two seasons but we’ve seen a lot of Mike Chang.

  • Jimmy Fury

    @Interesting: You are seriously stuck on this idea that I said Kurt is the creepiest thing ever. Look at what you just said, “find Kurt anymore creepy than those movies”

    Nobody. Said. That.


    You are the ONLY person in this conversation who has EVER brought in any sort of comparative quality to any other TV show or movie.

    And yes, I did answer your question. I said, quite clearly, stalking is creepy no matter who it is. AND I never said Kurt creeped me out. I said the way he stalked Finn, and tried to make him his stepbrother which added a whole suggetive-of-but-not-really-incest angle to it, was creepy.
    I can, unlike you apparently, view the actions of a character as separate from the whole of that character. Kurt was being creepy. That doesn’t mean he’s a horrible character or that he’s shameful or anything. “He was being creepy” very… VERY simply means: He was being creepy.

    It’s really not the deep dark secret statement of internalized homophobia you want to make it out to be. It’s just not.

  • Daez

    If people wanted actual substance and grit from a Glee type show they would be watching Degrassi TNG. Glee is nothing more than a very watered down Degrassi with some musical score added on for good measure. Don’t try to introduce actual depth it just messes up the actual concept.

  • MattGMD

    If he takes the bait, I’d reel him in and not throw him back in the lake.

  • Riker


    The actors know what they’re going to do when they audition, for the most part. If he was hired to play Colfer’s boyfriend, his agent would have known all about it. As an unknown, Chord doesn’t have any say on who he would play, or how he would play it. The trouble is, his character is from another show. He’s more Gilmore Girls than Glee. He doesn’t fit the show so he’s out.

  • RevJim

    Oh, this is still on the air?

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