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Glenn Beck Squashes Ed Schultz In TV Ratings, Outdoor Bandwagon Rallies

Sorry, progressives (or do you like the slur “liberals” more?): Saturday’s One Nation Working Together rally drew far fewer attendees than Glenn Beck’s crazytown call at Restoring Honor. The imperfect science of measuring crowds lead the 400 groups behind ONWT to claim a crowd of 175,000, but most media outlets are calling bull. So there you have it: Extremist Glenn Beck is a better community organizer than MSNBC’s Ed Schultz.

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  • Brandon H

    A: I heard NOTHING about this. Marketing was for shit.
    B: Ed Shultz is a shrill blowhard, even us liberals think so. Not as bad as Norman Goldman though.

  • Baxter

    Ed Schultz is just the liberal version of Beck. They’re both crazy populist conspiracy theorists. I’ll bet they’d get along in real life.

  • Ronbo

    Oops! Forgot to include the actual numbers. When the numbers are presented, they show more Liberals than Teabaggers. I guess if we don’t show the numbers, they actually don’t exist.

    Proof again, that advertising works. Americans are a bit more ignorant and the wealthy get another win.

    Ignorance isn’t bliss (when your rights are being eliminated).

  • kalifani6

    This whole article is a complete fallacy.Show the numbers as your talking so much shit.

  • kalifani6

    @Tayeb: Here are the actual figures for you:

    OneNation Rally: Approx. 187,000

    Restoring Honor,DC Approx. 87,000

    Restoring Honor,10.2.10:Approx. 700(out of exp.8000)

    That last was a real success,huh ‘Brietbart’?
    If you doubt the numbers presented take it up w/ CBSNews.

    In the meantime, aerial shots taken at the beginning of a rally aren’t credible sources as evidence of it’s failure. It was pretty much an all day event.
    Have you checked the time the shot was taken? Because surely it would be available.

    No? Of course….NOT.

  • Tayeb

    Found original source of One Nation photo. Photo was taken just after noon.
    Date: Taken on October 2, 2010 at 12.04pm EDT

    Exif data:
    Date and Time (Original) 2010:10:02 12:04:51
    Date and Time (Digitized)2010:10:02 12:04:51
    What is Exif data?

    Exif data is a record of the settings a camera used to take a photo or video. This information is embedded into the files the camera saves, and we read and display it here.

    I also found the original source of the Restoring Honor photo. It was taken by an AP photog. It’s time is — 12:49 PM ET.


    “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” (2 Thessalonians 2:10)

  • kalifani6

    @Brandon H: Your not a ‘liberal’. It’s my experience when someone gets on a such a forum as this, referring to themselves as such…their not.
    What you are is full of bunk.
    It’s ok if you don’t agree w/ their frank candor or even the way they represent themselves. It also doesn’t score them any points from you when they call you all evil[which both do rather frequently].
    However, Schultz & Goldman can back everything they claim up w/ facts. That’s what you ‘OFF’-wingers really hate.

    How’s it feel to have a job where all YOU do is tell lies for a living.
    Can they pay you enough to soothe your soul?

  • kalifani6

    @kalifani6: “their not”-they’re not.

  • kalifani6

    @Tayeb:”Taken on October 2, 2010 at 12.04pm EDT”
    Know what time the event started?


    So you measured the success of the turnout from an aerial shot taken TWO MINUTES after the event started.

    Thank you. You just validated my point.

  • Tayeb

    This was not a liberal or a democrat rally, this was a progressive radical rally, that’s why they were so few.
    Restoring honor = the People.
    One Nation = commies and jerks.
    Glenn Beck defeated 400 radical lefty organizations, that’s so great !!!

  • kalifani6

    [TWO MINUTES]lol..4MINUTES.(^_^)

  • kalifani6

    @Tayeb: Lmao x]…oh how pathetic.
    Because you can admit your wrong, that makes you the jerks.
    That pretty much says it all in regard to the likes of you.

  • Tayeb

    @kalifani6:”So you measured the success of the turnout from an aerial shot taken TWO MINUTES after the event started.”

    Yes, people usually arrive to events several hours after they start ! You’re so pathetic, you couldn’t smell shit even if I put it in your nose !


    I’ll leave you with your fantasies…

  • kalifani6

    Damn Qt…you got a lot of haters trolling around these parts. Notice?…Stockholm Syndrome maybe?

  • kalifani6

    @Tayeb: Lmao…OmG, your such a laugh riot.
    Every time you ‘Off’-wingers are stunted by the facts you start becoming unhinged.
    Stop foaming at the mouth, do yourself a favor and find a real cause to believe in other than ‘how to lie & follow your leaders off a cliff’.

  • Tayeb

    Yes, pictures are not facts. Only the numbers that came from your assholes, you lie lovers !

  • kalifani6

    @Tayeb: xD….Heheheh,oh do stop…lol,I can’t breath!
    I might suffocate from laughter.
    You would like that wouldn’t you?~_^

  • Tayeb

    Do you stay here 24 hours a day?
    Get a life, dumbass…

  • kalifani6

    @Tayeb: Lmao,xD…yeah ,cuz your life as a right-wing troll is oh’ so fulfilling.

    Your mother is the dumbass…she shoulda saved the world from the embarrassment to humanity that you are if only she swallowed instead.

    Btw: Anybody can overturn trash cans & take pictures genius.
    Heh,heh,heh…You people are so pathetic & morally destitute. I wouldn’t put anything beneath you.
    Ask yourself this question ‘Einstein’: Why is is so important to you? You care an awful lot more than sanity dictates.Oh I got! IT’S BECAUSE IT WAS SUCCESSFUL.
    Sore losers.Do you realize that all your backbiting & nitpicking is only serving to make you all look foolish & petty in the face of all the world to see?

    I can’t wait until you orcs get what you got coming for such a long time.
    Soon, all the dirty,trashy,tricks & lies won’t be enough to keep you from being diminished into complete irrelevance. Oh…wait,strike that—THAT DAY IS ALREADY COME.

    `Sayonara (~_^)

  • Tayeb

    @kalifani6: “can’t wait until you orcs get what you got coming for such a long time. Soon, all the dirty,trashy,tricks & lies won’t be enough to keep you from being diminished into complete irrelevance.”

    Well, we’ll see who will be diminished into complete irrelevance in the mid-term elections in less than a month (and then in 2012), I can’t wait too !

    Please just be patient…

    PS: oh I forgot, you’ll simply be in denial once again, you would make a good muslim !!!

  • Tayeb

    Victory is ours !!!

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