Glenn Beck Thinks Hillary Clinton Will Be Having Lesbian Sex In The Oval Office

Glenn Beck has had some outbreaks of sanity on occasion, most notably when it comes to marriage equality. Fortunately, for all of Beck’s fans, he has managed to overcome this right-wing disability by proclaiming that Hillary Clinton is such an opportunist that she “will be having sex with a woman on the White House desk if it becomes popular.”

Beck’s accusation (or perhaps fantasy) came during a conversation on his radio program about politicians who changed their position on marriage equality. Beck’s point, which is well taken, was, if marriage is really a civil rights issues, politicians should have been standing up for it when it was unpopular. Of course, he managed to undo that reasonable thought by proclaiming that Clinton would announce she was a lesbian if she thought it would help her 2016 presidential prospects.

Watch for yourself:

H/t: RightWingWatch