Glitter-Bombing Is Back! Activist Pelts Gay Haters In MN, And They Get Pissed!

Supporters of Minnesota’s anti-marriage-equality amendment turned up at General Mills headquarters in Golden Valley recently to protest the company’s position against the ban—only to face the fury of a young gay activist who sprinkled them with glitter.

Above, a protestor caught the incident on film and confronted the unnamed hooligan. When a member of the group Minnesota for Marriage tells the counterprotestor her “can’t put stuff on people,” the lad responds humorously, “”I’m putting it in the wind. It’s the wind’s fault.”

It’s incredible to see this immoral majority get so ticked off at what’s essentially a harmless prank. Andy Parrish, Michele Bachmann’s former chief of staff, uploaded the video to YouTube at the end of June, with a note that “some of the [victims] were as young as three and some of the seniors as old as 85.”

No word yet on any fatalities.

Source: City Pages