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  • chad st james

    yay glitter Jesus has gone international lol. Needless to say it was bloody fun and we gave the bigots a good serving lol

  • Tv Guy

    Chad St James, you are a shameless, self-indulgent, attention seeking whore! & you’re really shit at it.
    You care more about your own public image, than the causes you represent. If you were so popular people would be making facebook fan pages for you, not the other way round.

    Please stop acting as if you’re famous, cause your not. It’s actually quiet annoying.

  • Chad st James

    TV guy such aggression lol

  • Chad st James

    @Tv Guy: So it’s all very well to leave an opinion but yet you don’t even leave ur actual name lol oh and to let you know I care very much about the cause I represent if u attended the Equal Love meeting this evening you would be aware of this. Anyways you can’t please everyone so I won’t even try. But I pose the question are you being as active for the cause as you should be? Just a thought.

  • Lisa Wishart

    @Tv Guy: Wow someone has a bee in his bonet don’t they? I don’t know the guy personally, but I was there on the day and his efforts should be commended not bad mouthed. Also the guy is quite wellknown throughout Brisbane, maybe not in your circles, but known none the less. Now I wouldn’t say he’s famous and I don’t even think he does either, but considering the endless number of photos that keep popping up on facebook, he was without a doubt one of the highlights of the rally.

    Also have you thought for one moment that he actually plans to use whatever status he has gained for the greater good? Call me dumb but isn’t he also involved in organising the Equal Love convoy down to Sydney in December?

    It’s so easy to bitch and whine, try putting that energy into something productive!

  • Fitz

    I really don’t like the glitter thing, when there is perfectly good lighter fluid available.

  • LandStander

    @Fitz: LOL

  • slanty

    @Chad st James: are you emasculated? That’s the vibe I get from you laughing at aggression. It’s such a womanly thing to do.

  • Virgin Mary

    @chad st james: you’re really annoying. stop smearing the internet with your crap, no-one wants to see your ugly face, or your attention seeking rants and stunts. You’re just a uneducated loud-mouth scenequeen that likes to make a fool of himself at the beat.

    ps- i enjoyed fucking your ex


  • Chad st James

    @Virgin Mary: so you’ve changed names now? Its so easy to shout insults from behind a computer screen. I have pretty good idea who you are Lol my ex? Good for you and hope ur still enjoying him lol beat scene queen? Funny considering I’m never there, which is kinda odd. I also find it hilarious that youre so bothered by me. Really not my problem but perhaps you should put that energy to more productive uses, such as fucking my ex

  • Nessa

    @Virgin Mary: I got a picture with glitter Jesus and he was very charming. Now if you’re pissed off that photos and videos of him keep popping up online maybe should be having a go at the people that took them.

    If you were at the rally you’d actually be very grateful that he was there considering he was one the main people that blocked of the church people from causing the rally any serious disruption. You fucked his ex? How does it feel to have sloppy seconds?

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