Global ‘Kiss-Ins’, Flash Mobs Planned For International Day Against Homophobia And Transphobia

Gay-KissPucker up, ladies and gentlemen! You’re in for a lip-smackin’ wild ride tomorrow, as global ‘kiss-ins’ and flash mobs are planned around the globe to promote International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Though independent organizations are planning different ways of making a statement, the movement’s website shows planned demonstrations happening in hundreds of countries including 18 African nations (14 of which can legally punish homosexuals), several Middle-Eastern countries including Egypt, Lebanon and Israel, 17 countries in South America, all of North America, most of Europe, Australia, and even the notoriously anti-gay Russia.

“The mobilization shows just how universal the fight for freedom and basic Human Rights is.” Joel Bedos, Executive Director of the IDAHO Committee said in a post to the organization’s Facebook page. “Today, there are still 78 countries in which same-sex relationships are illegal. Oddly enough, 78 is also the percentage of people living in countries which don’t criminalize same-sex relationships. In 1950, it was exactly the opposite : 78% of the world population lived under legal regimes that did punish same-sex relations. This is a clear sign of which side History is on.”

It’s not too late to get involved, either! IDAHO’s website has some crafty tips to help you get involved last minute, as well as an interactive map of where to find your nearest kiss-in. Now go buy some chapstick and gum!