Gloria Vanderbilt Loves Oral Sex, According To Anderson Cooper

We knew that Anderson Cooper loved to snack on the peen, but who knew he got the acquired taste from his mother?!

The hunky news maven let his mother’s penchant for oral action slip during a round table discussion with political pundit (and sexually liberated married man) Dan Savage on an episode of 360 this week. The revelation came in response to Savage’s comments about crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his tales of oral sex with his wife.

“My mom once wrote a romance memoir about men she had dated,” Cooper said of his mother, 89-year-old heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, “and I use that term loosely – and she described one guy she was currently dating — my mom was 85 at the time — as the Nijinsky of cunnilingus. And she made me proofread the book.”

“I love a good cunnilingus joke on the evening news,” Savage added. Celebrities — they’re just like us!