Gloria Vanderbilt Loves Oral Sex, According To Anderson Cooper

We knew that Anderson Cooper loved to snack on the peen, but who knew he got the acquired taste from his mother?!

The hunky news maven let his mother’s penchant for oral action slip during a round table discussion with political pundit (and sexually liberated married man) Dan Savage on an episode of 360 this week. The revelation came in response to Savage’s comments about crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his tales of oral sex with his wife.

“My mom once wrote a romance memoir about men she had dated,” Cooper said of his mother, 89-year-old heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, “and I use that term loosely – and she described one guy she was currently dating — my mom was 85 at the time — as the Nijinsky of cunnilingus. And she made me proofread the book.”

“I love a good cunnilingus joke on the evening news,” Savage added. Celebrities — they’re just like us!

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  • Camsean01

    I am glad I was never that open with my Mum.

  • jimbryant

    Anderson Cooper and Dan Savage are media-circuit queens who do little for ordinary gay men and women. We don’t need either of these ugly gay guys in our movement.

  • Tyler100


    Speaking of queens who do little for anyone, JimBryant is here to rag on another openly gay and visible gay man who isn’t a closet case like himself. Isn’t JimBryant pathetic? Why does Queerty even allow him to post comments?

  • DShucking

    Anything for attention.

  • jckfmsincty

    @jimbryant: You’re still pretending to be sexual? Honey, you’re nothing. It’s only out of sad kindness that I’m giving you the chance to have a soft erection by posting. Ejaculating requires character.

  • Kieran

    I try to be tolerant, but I’ll never get why some heterosexual men want to put their tongue and mouth where blood and menstrual fluid flow.

  • Deepdow

    So distasteful.

  • Deepdow


    I don’t like you. You are an oppressive commenter who is killing this website. Are you Rick from Towleroad btw? I bet you fucking are.
    Ugh, I hate old self hating gay farts.

  • jimbryant


    I don’t care about you. You commit personal attacks which are against the policy of this site. If anything, it’s you who are breaching the policy of Queerty. Queerty’s comment policy specifically advises posters to avoid personal attacks. You have failed to abide by this.

    If you have nothing useful to say, keep your trap shut.

    Oh, and I still think Anderson Cooper is a ghastly media queen and Dan Savage is a pooch-faced pontificator.

  • Deepdow


    Go fuck yourself !

    I don’t give 2 shits about the policy. Actually, I’m doing them a favor by attacking you.

    Trolls need to die.

  • jimbryant


    Darling, you need to take a chill pill. Either that or you need to try a hot spa. It’ll do wonders for your aching muscles.

    And I don’t resile one iota from what I’ve said. Not one iota.

    I maintain that Anderson Cooper is a drain on the collective intellect of the gay community and I also maintain that Dan Savage has leathery features.

  • Deepdow


    You’re condescension underscores your weakness and inferiority. You’re a second rate troll, likely obese and closeted, who still lives with his mother. I don’t take drugs, stop pushing your addictions on me.

    Also, get fucked.

  • jimbryant


    Wa, wa, wa…Jim Bryant attacked me in a nasty way…wa, wa, wa…Jim Bryant hurt my feelings…wa, wa, wa…..Jim Bryant said something mean about me….wa, wa, wa….someone report Jim Bryant to the moderator…wa, wa, wa…it’s not fair…wa, wa, wa.

    Life’s not fair, sweetheart.

  • Deepdow


    You’re not creative enough to be nasty. In fact, it’s your rote expected behavior which is the biggest let down. By the way, stop repeating words and phrases, it really does highlight how submissive you are to me and how much you tremble in the presence of true strength.

    God, you’re a fucking beta male. Only BETA FUCKING MALES attack women and their own tribe.

    You hate yourself Jim ! Duh ! We all know that.

  • Tyler100


    Yep, this is Rick/Jason/Adam/Asam/AsamB/Lipter/MaryM/JimBryant/DavidHearne/Hagatha from Towleroad. He splits his time trolling Queerty and Towleroad. I’m guessing he doesn’t have a job or a life because he’s constantly posting nasty comments on both sites. Under different names usually.

    He’s a pathetic troll. And not particularly good with his craft.

  • jimbryant

    Towleroad? You mean that silly PC web site which promotes celebrities? Spare me. Towleroad has been going downhill for months.

  • Cam

    Remember when all those people screamed and claimed that the reason that Anderson Coooper wouldn’t come out was because he was so private, didn’t want to talk about anything personal?

  • balehead

    I cringed watching those two Media Queens…

  • balehead

    A new low for Anderson Cooper….

  • the other Greg

    @Deepdow: There’s one thing that really gets to “jim.” (A reference to his endless quixotic attempt to control “sleazeball” gay male sexuality by typing a lot.)

    Suggest that he cut his balls off and get it over with.

    oooooo, he really hates that!

  • Niall

    @Kieran: Do you hate rimming then? Since you know, that’s where shit comes out from?

  • Bozen

    Anderson’s definitely not as credible or distinguished as he used to be.

  • Tyler100


    Jimmy, you’re one of the main factors in bringing it down. You don’t have to be modest.

  • AmberMakitos

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  • hudson

    @Niall: lol. kinda what i was thinking…….

  • hudson

    @Tyler100: do you or anyone else ever wonder if JimBryant is actually a paid Queerty staff member on here to get the keys flying and on occasion, provide comic relief?

  • zoompietro

    @Kieran: I’m pretty sure you were being ironic (for lack of the better word) but just in case I’m wrong; most guys don’t put their mouth on a vagina when that stuff is flowing. It’s actually quite nice, definitely not the worst thing in the world. I can’t be the only gay guy that’s tried it and didn’t hate it.

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