GMHC Targets Fifty Plus Positive Folk

Let’s not leave the gray gays out in the cold! GMHC’s new M·A·C AIDS Fund-supported campaign aims to raise awareness of HIV positive folk in their fifties and beyond. Says Chief Operating Office Marjorie Hill:

As people with HIV/AIDS live longer and increased numbers of older persons are becoming newly infected, our approach to AIDS and aging must mature and evolve. This new campaign acknowledges that seniors are sexually active and at risk for HIV infection, and persons over 50 living with HIV need dedicated services and support. We are grateful to the M·A·C AIDS Fund for their outstanding support and commitment to providing resources for services that have a meaningful impact on people living with and affected by AIDS.

As more and more people live with AIDS, rather than die, it’s important that we take them in account. This world can’t run on twinks alone!