Go: Cape Town, South Africa


With South African courts ruling the same way those “activist” judges did in Massachusetts a couple of years ago, we thought we’d find out which part of the country is the most homo-friendly.

Well, the gays just love Cape Town. And for good reason. Great weather, gorgeous beaches and hot queers everywhere.

If you’re going to visit, book a room at the male-exclusive Amsterdam Guest House. The décor might be a little drab but the place makes up for it with awesome views and a clothing optional backyard, which we’re sure isn’t set up for cruising.

The gorgeous natural scenery is a huge Cape Town draw so a trip to the beach is a must. For pretty boys in revealing Speedos, hit the Clifton’s Third beach. Ultra gay-friendly.

On Broadway is the best place on the African continent for drag shows. The popular Mince Girls are regulars but the club also offers non-drag shows. Now performing are Hi-5, who we’ve never heard of and look like South Africa’s answer to a Euro-trashed N’Sync.

But the biggest event Cape Town has to offer queers is Mother City Queer Projects, a costume ball (read: massive circuit party) that presents a different theme each year. The theme for this year’s MCQP, just 2 weeks away, is perfect for you Bozo-loving queens: “It’s a Circus.” Have a ball with the big (leather daddy) top.