Go Freep This Poll About The Rio Grande Valley’s 1st LGBT Prom

Just last week we called proms “elitist, sexist bullshit,” but that doesn’t mean we don’t support LGBT youth enjoying their own special proms, especially when those proms involve 80 local youngsters, PFLAG, the It Gets Better campaign, a female prom king, and a male prom queen—sexism be damned!

That’s why we’re giving two snaps, a twist, and a kiss to the Stonewall Democrats Rio Grande Valley Chapter for organizing the “2011 Right To Prom” event held this last weekend. But the voters at the Valley Central newspaper poll don’t feel as gay about it as we do. So let’s bring the rainbow-flavored sunshine by voting “Yes” to local LGBT proms and post our support of the newspaper’s coverage on the comments.

And yes, that is a picture of Justin and Brian from Queer As Folk above. And no, we don’t approve of groundbreaking Showtime dramedies that turn into soulless, over-produced glitter trash.

Image and original story via The Dallas Voice

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  • Arthur

    It’s nice to see an event for gay youth, but for prom I’d rather see inclusion, an event where all youth are welcome, not segregating gay and straight.

  • Daniel

    @John Wright: Sorry about that, John. A total oversight. We’ve added the image and story link at the bottom.

  • Habit Rouge

    Agreed on the need for inclusion. LGBT only proms are self segregation. It might create a sense of community but it’s not helping the cause.

    This whole wave of male prom queens and female prom kings is getting ridiculous. Reversing gender roles isn’t exactly liberating anyone or making anyone feel any better. Why dont’t we just abolish the concept of HS dance royalty anyway? That would make everyone equal.

  • B-Rock

    I agree that it would be best for the kids to just have an integrated prom, but I’m from the RGV and it is a really hostile environment toward gays down there!

    The number of gays who are out and public is so low that half those kids would be the only ones at their prom – they’re being drawn from an area the radius of about a two-hour drive, and in an place that’s no stranger to gang-violence, drug wars, racial tension etc.

    The sad thing is that I think most families in the area are quite tolerant and open minded, but the environment is so oppressive that people just don’t acknowledge or talk about it, and so they all just deal with it alone.

    I salute these awesome students and amazing teachers and parents who are willing to stand up for what’s civil and what’s right and support one another. Way to go!

  • fuzzy

    Wow, I’m totally having a flashback. The phrasing of the poll, specifically the use of the word “necessary,” is questionable. I used to put out surveys at work, and we got nailed once for using the word “necessary” instead of something less hostile and ambiguous. This poll could be interpreted to mean that LGBTQ teens should be separated from straight teens to avoid drama and keep things “normal” for the straights. I’m all for a prom where kids are liberated from gender stereotypes, but I don’t like this poll.

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