Go-Go Boy Holds Off Ax-Wielding Attacker At Phoenix Gay Bar

shining-go-goAt a Phoenix gay bar, an ax-wielding loon was subdued thanks to a quick-acting go-go boy and a bartender who was particularly handy with a pool stick.

40-year-old Lawrence Aguirre got into an argument with his girlfriend while at Oz Bar on February 17, at which point bar manager Adrian Carlos Maldonado cut him off and escorted him out.

Maldonado remained inside, holding the door shut, when Aguirre went all The Shining and hit it with an ax.

Once he thought Aguirre had left, Maldonado opened the door but the ax man came running in, threatening to kill him. That’s when a go-go boy grabbed Aguirre around the neck from behind. Maldonado hit him over the head with a pool cue, Aguirre dropped the ax and four patrons helped to hold him down until police arrived.

“It’s so weird that something like that happened but I was really happy everybody pulled together and helped me out with getting this guy on the ground and having him arrested,” Maldonado told Fox 10, “because this guy was crazy.”

Aguirre now faces two counts of aggravated assault and one count of criminal damage — the police report noted slash marks on the door.  The attacker also used a homophobic slur when describing to police how he was assaulted at the bar, prompting the bias crimes unit to review the case.

Meanwhile, someone should stuff a hero’s badge down that go-go boy’s skivvies, or at least a 20.

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  • Daggerman

    ….Divine is simply fabulous and quite literally shocking! Everyone who adores
    the Catholic Church should face he/she’s wonderful lines regarding life, which
    all God believers don’t choose to face!!

  • hyhybt

    @Daggerman: ?????

  • EdWoody

    Fucking heteros. This is what happenes when you let the straighties into our space – they bring their violence and hatred into a space dedicated to relaxation and enjoyment.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones



  • jwrappaport

    @EdWoody: Amen. I can’t stand hetero bars for that reason. Far too many loud arguments and near-fights. I will only go if I’m with a guy who can protect me – no joke.

  • EdWoody

    @jwrappaport: @Mr. Enemabag Jones: I’m a member of a BBS board where another member once asked the board, in all seriousness, “I, a straight guy, am about to go to my first gay bar. What’s the protocol? Am I allowed to punch a lesbian? Cuz some of those chicks look pretty tough.”

    Ho. Ly. Fuck.

    Of course you’re not allowed to punch a lesbian. You’re not allowed to punch ANYBODY. Why the hell is that the first place your mind goes? Who do so many straight nightclubs end up with shootings and stabbings and fistfights? Because fucking straight people go there. C#nts.

  • JustinMar

    Indeed! I was just in a club the other day, queens-a-dancin, drinks-a-flowin, it was on! all of a sudden like 8 straight dudes came in because the hetero bar closed early. They were loud, rude, and ruining everyones choreography with their like…boderline krunking. They left after 15 minutes, but the vibe was forever thrown off.

  • Snickers

    Glad it all worked out for the gay team (the hell with the straight jerk) and glad the go-go boy didn’t suffer any cuts or slashes on that delicious-looking body.

  • LadyL

    @JustinMar: It’s called raging insecurity, sweetie. Straight guys are the most terrified people on the planet.

  • JustinMar

    Oh Im sure it was. One of them was HEAVY trying to hit on me and get my number and grinding on other dudes, but insisted that he was just trying to have fun. Whatever straighty, take your nonsense elsewhere!

  • Stache1

    @EdWoody: Yeah, because hetero violence is such a huge problem in gay bars. Lol

  • stfallon1028

    @Daggerman: Isn’t this a line from Our Lady of the Flowers by Jean Genet? What is it doing here?

  • jacknasty

    That’s why whenever I bring straights to a gay bar I warn them not to try and drink like they do at hetero bars because gay bars are always way more generous with the pour.

  • Ryan

    Another Insane Clown Posse follower. No, really — I bet there are other sites covering the story that mention it. Almost every time someone is attacked with an axe in this country, the attacker is an ICP fan.

  • Ryan

    @Stache1: Are you being sarcastic? Trolling?

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