GO HOME: Griffin & Co. Formally Shun Gay Rights Groups In Prop 8 Lawuit


Ted Olson and David Boies have made clear (on behalf of their clients!) they don’t want anyone messing with their federal Prop 8 lawsuit. They don’t even want the City of San Francisco mucking things up. And they said as much in open court. Or at least open court filings.

When the American Civil Liberties Union, Lambda Legal, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights bashed the lawsuit, Olson and Boies’ clients (notably, Chad Griffin, who’s the public point person for the American Foundation for Equal Rights) were all “whatever.” Then these orgs wanted in. And Olson and Boies were again, “whatever.” But also: “Go F yourselves.”

With Perry v. Schwarzenegger suddenly expected to yield favorable results, marriage equality supporters of all stripes are trying to join teams. Griffin doesn’t want that nonsense, and is publicly saying that adding any new plaintiffs to the lawsuit will only hold things up. Which may be true. But he’s probably also hella pissed the very organizations who he thought should’ve supported him from the beginning are now Johnny Come Latelys, who will happily take credit for all the work (and money) his team has expended.


But it’s not just civil liberties organizations who are trying to join the lawsuit. The City of San Francisco wants to play, too.

Not so fast, Griffin & Co. once again warn. They’ve got to make their case to the judge overseeing things, and on Sunday they did just that with new motions trying to block all third-parties from joining the suit. To be sure, the motions make clear Griffin is slightly more keen on letting San Francisco join the suit than a bunch of Gay Inc. organizations, but as has been their position all along, they want these guys kept on the sidelines, not clogging up the plaintiff’s table.