Go: Opaque


Seems natural to want to see what you’re eating. Unless of course you’re an Olsen twin and you just don’t eat. But “Dining in the Dark” changes all that. The concept involves eating in a pitch-black room with food served to you by blind waiters.

The idea sprang up in Europe (where else?) with an aim to open up your senses to the meal without the use of distracting visuals. We think it’s because the owners are too cheap to shell out money on decor.

“Dining in the Dark” is now in the States every Saturday night at Opaque in West Hollywood’s “Riot Hyatt.” It isn’t cheap. Meals are $99 bucks, but you’re paying for incredible food and a totally unique experience. Go now before someone starts a lame Outback Steakhouse chain of these things.

We do have one concern though. People can get kinky just about anywhere and we don’t want some couple nearby to start getting it on with our food so close by. It’s gross. It’s unsanitary.

Well, unless it’s us, of course. Then it’s OK.

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