Go: Rio De Janeiro

We hop onto Made in Brazil whenever we need to scratch that half-naked guys from Rio itch we seem to get much too often. And each time we do, we yearn to return to that South American hotspot populated with the hottest guys South of the Equator.


Our favorite gay place in Rio is Ipanema’s Farme Beach where you get to see oodles of skin in the tiniest of swimming suits. And don’t think you’re the first to cleverly alter the lyrics of that Tom Jobim song to the “Boy From Ipanema.” We all do it. One thing to keep in mind is that muscle men here are called Barbies. That’s because they’re damn fine and not because they dress in high heels and sequin gowns.

You’ll want to stay close to Ipanema, so book a room at the Caeasar Park Hotel.

There’s a relatively small but rocking selection of gay night clubs in Rio. The Copa is a combination restaurant, club, and tea house. Le Boy is an out and out massive club swimming with beautiful people and the even celebrities. We’re all about both of those things.

Architecture buffs can run around the city and check out both ancient and modern buildings. Frommers has a doable list. And of course there’s that giant statue of Jesus overlooking the city that Janet Jackson climbs on top of in her “Runaway” music video. It’s supposed to be famous or something.

Peak season (as well as the fabulous Carnaval) are fast approaching. For more info on Rio click here.