God Gamble.

“The DNC is buying ads on religious Web sites to highlight the McCain gambling ties reported on Sunday’s New York Times front… ‘Watch for Obama to use the story about McCain and gambling in the NYT yesterday to drive his change message, especially on the economy and the influence of lobbyists.’ Team Obama will argue this reflects on temperament and judgment.” [Politico]

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  • marco channing

    McCain’s Mastercard ad.

    Homes: Seven
    Cars: Thirteen
    Net worth of wife: $100 million

    Running for President so 54 year-old second wife doesn’t dump you for a younger, healthier man (like you did to your first wife): Priceless.

  • BillyBob Thornton

    It’s always irritated me that republicans feel they are the ONLY party that is pro-family, pro-god, and pro-country. When in actuality they are anti-everything and everyone that doesn’t believe the way they do. And when did family, country and god start alienating people because they are different??
    I think they need a refresher course in unconditional love by god and family, and our freedoms the bill of rights and the constitution provide us.

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