God, I Had A Great Time!

Wagging tongues have always had something homosexual to say about Jesus, Mohammad, Abraham and Buddha. Queerty loves all of those figures, but understands that we have readers who don’t need any divinity in their life to enjoy the little things, and still less the big things, that come along to make a day worthwhile. That’s why we’re letting you know about Secularity.com.


Secularity.com is one of those websites where in order to gain admission, you must check a box reading “I deny a belief in the existence of any god(s) and I agree to the terms of service.” Once your gay atheist derriere is past that milestone, you can take advantage of the site’s buddy networks and even set up a dating profile. You are going to be amazed by how many hot gay people out there think the Immaculate Conception is a crock.

Queerty can take no responsibility for what might happen to you on a date without god, but if you have a great time we will take all the credit. To break the ice between you and your prospective atheist honey, you might ask: “Is gay religiosity really masochism?” Leave your bibles at home and beware of lightening bolts.