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  • ChrisH


  • Jeff K.

    Here’s to hoping that ‘toxin’ that got into his eyes was a well-placed bit of ejaculate from his secret boyfriend.

  • hf2hvit

    I guess god chose him-just him because he’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO special…

  • christopher di spirito

    I’m sure Warren’s good friend, Melissa Ethridge immediately went to her kitchen to cook a pot of organic chicken soup for him. Then she flew down the 405 in the Mercedes to personally deliver the magic food liquid to her pal. All is better now in Hollywood.

  • GEW

    What about all the other Christian people suffering from various ailments and diseases ’round ‘Merica? How come god ain’t healin’ THEM?

    Oh yeah, ’cause they’re the lowly peons who financially support the leaders and god’s more interested in the leaders health so the peons don’t miss out on the important lessons and doctrine god wants the leaders to pass along… or sumptin’.

  • Hamburglar

    @christopher di spirito: I’d more suspect he was taking whatever it was that Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson or whoever it was had a few years ago that he claimed gave him super strength.

  • Faketroll

    “May god use this pain for his glory.” What a disgusting statement. It’s amazing that millions of sheeple refer to Christianity for moral instruction.

  • Jeffree

    Warren is deceptive in how he pretends to be inclusive but actually wants “us” to repent for our orientation.

    A-L-E-R-T….We must now all prepare for a 3,000 word essay from Cassandra explaining why we are wrong.
    i adore her–I hope she knows that–, and if I have to discuss scripture with a fundie, I want her on my side & I will gladly make her brunch.

    But once she gets started on atheism, there’s no way to stop her.

  • David

    @Hamburglar: That was Pat Robertson. He broadcast a video of himself leg pressing 1000 lbs.
    Thing was, those leg press machines are angled at 45 degrees, so (much mumbo-jumbo deleted) it only takes an effort of half the load to move the weight. Also, he only moved the load about two inches.
    Anyone in his right mind would have been embarrassed by such idiocy. But he’s not in his right mind.

  • Rey

    And yet, god won’t heal amputees. Why?


    <good to "see" these scumbags are getting their comeuppance

    Glen Beck has been diagnosed with a disease and could be blind within a year…….his followers are so blinded by his hatred there is some kind of poetic justice goin’ on there………

  • Hyhybt

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Sad… but interesting, if paired with Rush Limbaugh’s deafness.

  • B

    In No. 7 · Faketroll wrote, “‘May god use this pain for his glory.’ What a disgusting statement.”

    The article attributed it to Romans 8:28, and an on-line check (wanted to see what the context was) returned the following as the actual quote: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

    It’s not clear where “this pain for his glory” came from, but it doesn’t seem to be from that part of the Bible. To be fair, though, 2000 years ago, you didn’t have any effective medication for severe or chronic pain, so I guess they needed some sort of rationalization to make people feel better about it.

  • meet the new boss

    Hey God, next time aim for his vocal chords.

  • Jeffree

    Is gluttony no longer a sin? Maggie Srivistav Gallagher & Rick Warren have some ‘splainin’ to do about why they’re obese………

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