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‘GodH8s’ Is Westboro Baptist Church’s Pretty Awesome Hijacking Of The NOH8 Campaign

Oh Westboro Baptist Church, HOW DID IT TAKE YOU THIS LONG TO COME UP WITH THIS? I mean, we already gave you Steven Paul’s “Defec8” campaign OVER A YEAR AGO. Was it that hard to rhyme Adam Bouska’s “NOH8” to get “GodH8s”? Was there a shortage of duct tape at your local Target? But now that you’ve put together this 25-minute doozy — complete with awesome catchphrases from Shirley Margie Phelps, including: “Hell is not a love tap. It’s the bitchslap of the hate of god,” and spoofs of Ke$ha and Green Day songs — I must say: bravo. Finally, you folks are showing some creativity after so many years of boring tri-colored signs.