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‘GodH8s’ Is Westboro Baptist Church’s Pretty Awesome Hijacking Of The NOH8 Campaign

Oh Westboro Baptist Church, HOW DID IT TAKE YOU THIS LONG TO COME UP WITH THIS? I mean, we already gave you Steven Paul’s “Defec8” campaign OVER A YEAR AGO. Was it that hard to rhyme Adam Bouska’s “NOH8” to get “GodH8s”? Was there a shortage of duct tape at your local Target? But now that you’ve put together this 25-minute doozy — complete with awesome catchphrases from Shirley Margie Phelps, including: “Hell is not a love tap. It’s the bitchslap of the hate of god,” and spoofs of Ke$ha and Green Day songs — I must say: bravo. Finally, you folks are showing some creativity after so many years of boring tri-colored signs.

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  • Jimmy Fury

    Stop giving them the attention they want Queerty.

  • Steve

    So when the NOH8 or similar campaigns used chidlren in their photographs, they were awful people who were exploiting children for their own cause. But when these freaks do it, we don’t hear anything about it? I call bullshit.

    I also call bullshit on their crappy grammar: “God hates fag?”

  • Chad

    The artists who helped them produce this should have their metacarpals broken.

  • TimBo

    Okay I can understand religious zealots that are disturbing but these people are seriously deluded. I found the video disturbing and not as you mentioned not very original.

  • Jeremy

    oh god I laughed so hard when I saw this. So funny!!!

  • Daryl

    Surely there are a dozen or more lawsuits for use of music in this. Isn’t that how they make most of their money. Maybe this is an opportunity to take it back!


    stop posting about these group of haters. all you are doing Queerty is promoting them. Don’t you see what you are doing? seems not

  • KevinVancouver

    So in Canada we enjoy the same rights and freedoms as our neighbours to the south, however under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we have the freedom of expression.. we have limits however, and under those limits our Charter gives us freedom FROM hate speech… we do not have to endure such atrocities inflicted by such small minded hate riddled vile excuses for human beings…

  • peter

    I have to applaud these people for their honesty: I’d much prefer to be hated outright than that self-serving ‘love the sinner and hate the sin’ BS professed by other Christians.

    They also call attention to what Gore Vidal has called the hateful ‘Sky-God’ of western monotheism. This god is anything but love: Jesus is just his smiley-faced good-cop persona.

  • Bre

    What happened to God is Love? Can you say hipocrites?

  • NMV

    Is this not considered child abuse?

  • CFBear27

    WTF!??? lol I feel sorry for these people they sound super ignorant, like some crazy cult types. What makes me happy is that their blood must be boiling now that culture, and in some places law is beging to favor the G/L community. So I say, let these H8rs cast the first stone !! By their own admission they are sinners , and so what if they like to inbreed its their perogative! We are more and they are few, oh and I love the part about “God Hates , and the Hate is in You” LMAO. These people missed the message (bible) by a long shot! Maybe they were reading the wrong book jejeje. Eventually all of God’s H8 will take care of them (you know…, Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes!!!) It’s funny how they dont show a congregation of people who support their views, all you see in the video and photos is that all these fuckers look alike. It’s one stupid ass family with too much fucken time on thier hands lead by some pervert fucker who wants dibs all the females 8 yrs n older in their fucked up clan. Poor stupid women that are related to them, they are probably the type of women that still feel that their husbands should slap em round evry other sunday LOL

  • Cam

    At this point their just getting sad. They remind me of some TV special staring all these has-been TV actors desperate for 5 more minutes of attention.

    And now….you loved her on Three’s company…and the one Love Boat appearence she did after it…..Joyce DeWitt!

  • Ernest

    Fuck AmeriKKKa I’m moving to Canada! This country is such bullshit! Those assholes won the right to protest funerals they want because the freedom of speech act! Some things are meant to have a limit!

  • Big Stella

    Why does this site seem to enjoy promoting these people? I use to like this site but no more. I am done.

    One they can be sued for stealing music which I am sure thye did not pay any royalty use for.

    Why promote a single group of nut jobs….

  • KevinVancouver

    @Ernest: So in Canada we enjoy the same rights and freedoms as our neighbours to the south, however under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we have the freedom of expression.. we have limits however, and under those limits our Charter gives us freedom FROM hate speech… we do not have to endure such atrocities inflicted by such small minded hate riddled vile excuses for human beings…

  • Luke

    I’m pro-giving WBC the attention they want! Look at this campaign. IT’s awesome. You can’t look at this without feeling like it’s at most 90% laughing AT us and 10% laughing WITH us. A whole 10%!

    I think the best thing we can do to WBC is treat them like a drag queen! After all that’s what they are acting like.

    They are making in-community jokes. They are parodying Lady GaGa. Any objective look at their tactics shows that they push communities closer to tolerance where ever they go.

    Do they see it?! WBC has become the fag enablers they condemn. And the best revenge we can doll out is to welcome them to the community!

  • kayla

    @KevinVancouver: Please stop writing the same thing over and over….And who in government gets to decide what is and is not hate speech. I’m glad these people have the right to make fools of themselves, and I am completely anti-censorship. I don’t understand how anyone can say they are for free speech and yet want these loons silenced. Let them spout their crap. I love the First Amendment! It’s the ones who smile and speak of tolerance in public and yet in private are the most virulent homophobes that we should be worried about…

  • Yuriy

    old people should not have any free time, so they would not get to ideas like that.
    Stupid-ass-bitch-psychopaths; what benefit are they even hoping to gain after spreading their hate?

  • fuzzy

    There is something really horribly about putting symbols of hatred on the bodies of children. It makes me physically ill.

    How can these people have so much hatred in them? I mean, what have they actually suffered that’s turned them into this? Did somebody shoot their kids, bomb their houses or torture them? What?

  • Cam

    To the guy complaining that these guy have freedom of speech. I LOVE it, you’ve never seen the narrative on FOX news shift so quickly OFF the gays as when this group started protesting funerals. Suddenly no matter how softly they said it, or how pretty the speaker was, anything that sounded anti-gay got them compared to this group. So in the end they have been fantastic for us. They show people what the true face of bigotry looks like when people aren’t trying to soften it up.

  • samthor

    if “God” was behind this, you’d think he would have blessed them with a bit of creativity….

  • Kev C

    Bible fags. Bible quoting faggotry. God H8s WBC fags.

  • FearstheFutureUSA

    I wonder how much money these people actually spend on the poor, widowed, orphaned, and sick? Weren’t those the people Christ actually spent His time ministering and helping?

  • Spike

    “Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.”

  • FreddyMertz

    @Jeremy: same here!

  • marie

    My first thought when I saw this is how ugly these people are. Is that old lady in the top ad actually still alive??? She seriously looks like she died awhile back and they stuffed her for this!!! That’s what they could do for their next campaign….they could stuff a bunch of recently deceased bigots and then write H8NEVERDIES on their bloated, ugly faces. AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Scott Bonzitski

    Gotta say it’s NOT original. They “think” God hates fags, yet they can exploit the creative talent behind the scenes [from US] to “create” their “own” version. Funny how if we did not have the talent to be creative, these people would have NOTHING else to work with! You’re welcome! SB

  • tallie

    those poor little kids

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    Wow, the stuff you guys can get away with in your country, yet we won’t have gay marriage nor will you let partners of gays stay in the country even if they are legally married…plus you want to do away with planned parenthood and a national free radio station?


  • justin fields

    how do these idiots know who god hates? God created EVERYONE so there for he created “FAGS” unless you are God don’t say who or what he hates that’s stupid.

  • Andrew Smith

    Is this a fucking joke? lmao If not, then your in the wrong business bacause I laughed my ass off lmao! Stop breeding stupidity.

  • Billy Wilson

    You guys are retarded! Do you beleave everything you read??

  • Shannon1981

    You know, these people do us more good than harm. Even other anti gay folks see how nutty they are. In fact, everyone except the members of this ‘church’ thinks that they are just vile.

    On a side note though, surely GaGa could sue? Furthermore, this must be child abuse.

  • jenelle

    Westboro Baptist Church members may you die a horrible torturous death at the hand of your own hate.

  • eric Press

    Ugh… look at those hags. Apparently, god hates eye lifts too.

  • Dave M

    Me and my mate literally LOL’d the whole way through this!

    Stop praying, stop praying, god will not hear you anymore, you taught the girls and the boys to be proud whores…


  • N/A

    You want to know what REAL sin is? REAL sin is taking away someone’s free agency – their right to choose.

    If you take away someone’s right to choose to keep or not keep their processions (theft), that’s a sin. If you take away someone’s choice to fornicate with you or not (rape), that’s a sin. If you take away someone’s right to choose life or death (murder), that’s a sin.

    And if you take away someone’s right to marry for no other good reason than you’re afraid, that’s a sin.

  • Jaybo

    These guys are freaking nuts. If anything the people that God has any distaste fir its them. We were born this way. Hate is nite a natural human trait. They need to be taken down. I’m a Christian and I know that God lives me and nothing will ever change that. I’m gonna pray for every member of Westboro Baptist Church!

  • Jennifer Wells

    Could someone tell me where the word “Fag” appears in the bible?

  • Gabcapasso

    This is the most disgusting thing that I have EVER seen. I couldn’t even finish this video. God creates everyone in HIS image and likeness (human dignity) so he makes people who they are. If you’re gay, bisexual, straight, etc it is because God made you that way. And right about now I think god is disappointed in every single person who was involved in this video. You’re supposed to repect others and love them for who they are. This is just a disgrace.

    P.S. If you don’t like “gays” or “Fags” don’t be one! Just because you dont like it doesn’t mean you can take away anothers right to love. HELLLLLLLOOOO! That’s why we have separation of church and state.

  • Kyle

    To the guy drinking the Starbucks.. You’re not helping the ‘I’m straight’ act.

  • Saint

    WOW! That was just painful to watch! I hope Adam trademarked “NO H8” so he can sue for the use of his famous logo.

  • Laurier

    “Do onto other as you would have them do unto you” … Does that mean he’s versatile?

  • HIM

    Remove this please Queerty, please!
    They get enough attention, this just spreads the hate!

  • turbozombie

    The “people” of Westboro Baptist Church are monsters and know NOTHING OF ANY KIND OF GOD. I was taught that GOD IS LOVE NOT HATE!!! WTF?I also think the artist and bands that did the original music that they sampled should SUE THE SHIT OUT OF THEM!!

  • Tabitha

    I seriously hope these people get locked into their church and have it set on fire. Let’s see if their “God” saves them.

  • Steven

    This is very disturbing but in a way it is a measure of where society is right now. At least they are in a minority and its a good lesson in how not to behave with other people. Our lives are very short and I try to make it as gorgeous as possible without interfering in other people’s lives, I don’t need stress so I don’t hate, I think they would benefit from that philosophy but right now they don’t want to listen. I hope they can eventually find peace for themselves, I think they would start to enjoy life more because they are clearly don’t look happy right now.

  • Tabitha

    I seriously hope these people get locked into their church and have it set on fire. Let’s see if their “God” saves them.
    I’d rather go to Hell than go to heaven and have to be asexual and have to listen to these morons go on like this for all eternity.
    At least I can be who I want in Hell without these fuckers screaming in my face.
    Also, I love how it’s so wrong for FCKH8 to exploit children in their videos, yet it’s perfectly okay for these people to exploit children in their videos. Hmm.. I smell hypocrisy.

    Each version of the bible says something different, it’s hilarious, so they expect you to believe ONE version, theirs.

  • Kelli

    It’s so sad. What beautiful little kids with such ugly words on their face and being put in their heads.

  • Sadorae

    I seriously hope these people get locked into their church and have it set on fire. Let’s see if their “God” saves them.
    I’d rather go to Hell than go to heaven and have to be asexual and have to listen to these morons go on like this for all eternity.
    At least I can be who I want in Hell without these fuckers screaming in my face.
    Also, I love how it’s so wrong for FCKH8 to exploit children in their videos, yet it’s perfectly okay for these people to exploit children in their videos. Hmm.. I smell hypocrisy.

    Each version of the bible says something different, it’s hilarious, so they expect you to believe ONE version, theirs.

    Also, are these morons saying every person that died and was affected in 911 and Katrina is a sinner? Bullshit.

    I would love to see these people die in a fiery pit. Does that make me a sinner? Well, guess they’re sinners to because they wish the same thing upon me.

  • Ken

    Very very clever sequence of shorts that convey the underlying theology of the Westboro Baptist Church. While the WBC has effectively garnered attention as an entity, their methods have become something of a mockery even among fellow religious conservatives.

    I wonder if this move toward spoofing obviously popular formats underlies a push towards a succession in leadership to the younger generation (Phelps is in his eighties after all, and while his daughter argued before SCOTUS it is unlikely she will be allowed to succeed him) or a move to expand their base (Phelps had thirteen children and most of his church is related to one another by blood or marriage).

    To remain both relevant and effective into another generation it was growing clear they were going to have to change how they broadcast their brand. Could it be that some younger Phelps aspires to build a conservative mega-church of their own and is now finally taking the family brand in a direction that will allow him to do so?

  • Barbara

    This is a disturbing video and not to mention its completely wrong. God doesn’t hate anyone! It says in the bible those who judge others will be judged by me, now i rewrote it in my own words but still. How sick can you people be. You are all horrible people for putting the symbol of hatred on those little kidsYes we have war and violent people ect. Pray and he will protect us. I just dont understand what is wrong with the world today. And another thing if God hated then he wouldnt give your entire life to get forgiveness if he hated he wouldnt have sent his son down here to earth to sacrifice his life for our sins.
    God doesnt hate anyones prayer of forgiveness. He accepts and forgives. Stop making the name of Gods followers sound bad. We are not condemned, God truly does love us. You people make me very sick

  • Kev C

    Here’s a rebuttal to WBCfags.

    According to the Westboro Baptist Fags, jew-fags killed fag-Jesus. But according to the fag-Bible, it was the Roman-fags who killed fag-Jesus.

    Matthew 27:15-23

    The jews (fags) were given a choice by Pontius Pilate (a fag). Do you want me to spare Jesus (fag) or do you want me to spare Barabbas (not a fag). Pontius Pilate (fag) was going to crucify both of them. And the jews (fags) said: Jesus who? That fag? Do not want. Give us Barabbas.

    “Give us Barabbas” – John 18:40

    Roman-fags killed fag-Jesus.

  • Lynx

    Doesn’t god love all? He can’t Hate. This pisses me off royally that you take the words from a book written by man 40 years after the death of Jesus and twist them around in all sorts of versions to prove that you are right. Take that book and revert it back to the way it was and then we can talk. In the newer versions all the contradictions are out, the book about sacrifice is out, what else is missing? Besides, being homosexual is not a bad thing. This world is OVERPOPULATED and it has been proven that Homosexuality is to thin out the species.

    I am not gay myself, happily married with 1 working on 2 kids, but I do support loving those your soul loves. I support the FckH8 movement.

  • kaye

    wait.. so God hates Mimes?? wtf?

  • DJ

    Wow… These people are gonna die horrible deaths. I’m really convinced that someone with big balls is gonna go on a westboro killing spree or blow up the whole congregation.

  • S.Bunny

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I am a proud gay male and this didnt even offend me, They just sounds STUPID. Seriously. If you are going to hate on me and my fellow homosexuals, then at least do it without looking like a complete idiot. It would SERIOUSLY insult me more if you made Gay characters and made them say this horrible drool you call a statement. Get A Life. I hope your chilren grow up Gay And Proud

  • mrbill

    Please stop posting there crap now that they have been hacked out of web existence if you do post there crap they will be silenced

  • Nate

    I just don’t understand why somebody would even enjoy living a life full of hate like these people… How can one ever be happy if all that is ever thought about is hate?

  • Rick Wingrove

    About that “cast the first stone” geezuss quote – it does not exist in older manuscripts of the NT. It didn’t show up anywhere until around the 5th century in the Codex Bezae. It is clearly a late entry, added to enhance the narrative. In plain english, it is a fraud and a lie. This is covered in great detail in Bart Ehrman’s book “Misquoting Jesus”. This fact is unknown to most practitioners of biblecraft and has profound implications for the hard literalists. Nor is this the only late entry to the NT described by Mr. Ehrman. So, if it is your opinion that the most rabidly vicious thumpers are full of shit, you are more correct than you ever knew.

  • James

    Wow. So many things I could make fun of… I pick their so called explanations about the “Misconceptions” of the Bible.

    The story of Sodom and Gomorrah does not condemn homosexuality. The group of men wanted to know (the Hebrew word yada is translated as “to know”) the visitors. Maybe this meant they wanted to rape them, which at that time was a way to conquer and humiliate your enemies, or maybe jus tinterrogate them. Either way, Lot offered his daughters to the men to protect his visitors, as required by the code of hospitality.
    The sin here was really the inhospitality of the men. NOT the reference to homosexuality. No actual sex took place and there is no mention that any homosexual act caused the destruction of Sodom.

    If only I had enough time and energy to explain that THEY are misinterpreting every single one of those passages they quote – at least as they appeared in the original Hebrew and Greek Bibles, not the mistranslated English versions.

    If only these people so obsessed with religion too the time to really study it. Maybe then they’d figure out that, no, God does not hate.

  • Sarah

    this is so messed up! G-d loves everyone. So, the churches are calling G-d a liar and saying He doesn’t love someone just because of who they love? Love knows no gender, no race, no religion, and no preference. Love is love. When has G-d EVER said “I do not like homosexuals”? That’s messed up. It’s 2011 people! You CAN’T get rid of homosexuality. It’s NOT possible! Like I said, it’s 2011. Get the FCK over it!! Teens have taken their LIVES because of homophobes like these people. Every single ONE of them are murderers. I hope they understand that.
    G-d. Loves. EVERYONE.!!!!!

  • The sane Francis

    Weird people.

  • peter

    I’m not at all a religious person — in fact I’m a hard-core atheist — but seeing that woman hold forth reminds me of what Baudelaire said: “the Devil’s greatest trick is convincing us that he doesn’t exist”

  • Adam

    Clearly, God hates concealer and a good foundation on the face.

  • Sinal

    The 1st of the 7 sins is Superbia!

    If you tell that you think what God knows or tells is the utmost Superbia! You claim that God talks to you. You know what God is thinking! Superbia !

    You are committing the biggest Sin of all!

  • the crustybastard

    These are the people who claim that gay people indoctrinate kids, right?

  • Rick Wingrove

    No, god does not hate. god does not even exist. It is a fable devised by men who thought the earth was flat. If the alleged opinions and actions of the alleged creator of the universe seem cruel and indecipherable, it is because there is no god there. What appears random, is random, or at least not guided by magical sky gods. And the attitudes of the adamantly religious towards homosexuality are strictly their own.

  • mark

    Looks like someone plans to do some fisting…

  • annalisefey

    It would take to long to point how awful the content of the video is so i’ll just say this; The graphics are horrible, special effects are supposed to be in the background! not tht i minded them bloching over that girls face

  • Nate

    Two billion too one are sinners? So three people on earth are good? That’s a little harsh. Especially given they have like 80 people in their Church.

  • Shirley Not

    Am I the only gay man who thinks they are more interesting than gaga?

  • Jake the libertarian

    @Ernest: You are too stupid to insult…. I’m assuming you are just a fucking troll, but if you are actually a gay American do us all a favor and do move to Canada and turn straight because the honest gay movement is hurt by your presence.

  • Kev C

    Continuing with Bible quotes. The belief that the Jews killed Jesus is based on people shouting in the crowd “Crucify Him”.

    Matthew 27:22-25 + Mark 15:12-15 + Luke 23:20-25 + John 19:6-16

    But who are these people in the crowd? Anonymous people shouting “Crucify Him” is not a basis for claiming the Jews killed Jesus. Nor should it be the basis of a government decision to crucify someone. It’s free speech. The people shouting “Crucify Him” could be anyone. And even if some jews shouted “Crucify Him”, it doesn’t represent all jews everywhere. If a crowd of people shouted “Crucify Fred Phelps”, should the government execute him?

    Anonymous people in the crowd shouting “Crucify Him”. Anonymous people exercising their freedom to speak.

    Free speech killed Jesus.

  • Mickey

    At times like these, I like to tell myself that these are, in fact, not the dumbest group of people on the planet, but really the greatest trolls of all time. Just f-cking with the world for kicks. Oh, if only that were the case.

    Shirley and her family make me sick. They make me ashamed to be American. They make me want to scream to the rest of the world, “We’re not all like this, I promise!” Her exploitation of small children also makes me sad. Let the kids decide for themselves what faith to follow. Or let them choose none at all, like myself. :) Brainwashing is cruel, they’re ruined now.

    FCKH8 brought me to this. They’re a truely amazing group of people. :)

  • Tyler T.

    Love the guy with just the exclamation point on his duct tape. What the fuck are you even doing??

  • Leah

    @Daryl: I agree! I hope they lose everything including their children. I also hope (as harsh as this sounds) since everything is “god’s work” that something happens to one of their little brainwashed children, and then see how they feel about the work of God. ( I really don’t want something to happen to a child, but I feel that is possibly the only thing that would make them see how wrong they are)

  • Misha

    In my honest opinion these people should be shot….-_-” honestly??? I’m all for the first ammendment but i’m sorry there is such a thing as going TOO far. This is the reason why our world is getting so screwed up because people like this keep spreading their bullcrap and then reproducing so their children can continue to spread the bullcrap. This is no differant than those damn billboards saying that christ is coming back May 21st this year and we will have months of hell. You have every right to believe whatever the hell you want to believe but have some damn respect and keep your mouths shut.

  • KevinVancouver

    @kayla: ya i posted it twice, i think it needs to be posted twice because I think americans can be real thick sometimes.. yes your precious 1st amendment right.. it’s a joke.. You think you have the monopoly on free speech and you don’t again there is a big difference between freedom of and freedom from and don’t get me going on your censorship.. one of the most prudish countries going… having venom hate filled freaks like those pricks is nothing to boast about..

  • B

    The only good idea that had was the duct tape. Too bad they don’t keep it pasted over their mouths 24 hours per day.

  • McMike

    There are a few things I actually like about this:

    1) They’re upfront since they’re not hiding behind the “love the sinner, hate the sin” crap. I have to at least respect them for being honest about it.

    2) They’re actually zoning in on adultery and divorce, something which Fundamentalist do NOT (who, by the way, happen to have the highest divorce rate).

    3) They’re so extreme they actually help our cause by getting people to thing about them and go “WTF?”

    Basically, I think they’re just pathetic and I do NOT hate them as I hate Fundamentalist.

  • Quinn

    Yes, take this down. These people are attention hungry crazies. WBC has openly acknowledged that they do these things to upset people. See they’re smarter than all of us because they KNOW there is no god and they are creating their own immortality through shock culture. Please don’t let’s this handful of crazies have more power than entire communities.

    But since it’s here, just one observation:
    Maybe I’ve just read too much Marlowe– but if god did NOT give man free will and, to quote the video segment 20:12-21:13 “Every blade of grass that grows, every cell that’s movin’ around in your body, every breath you take was foreknown and caused by the hand of god.” Then that means god MADE people the way they are and the WBC can stop preaching to people who, by the will of god, are incapable of change. But then again I guess it’s not really they’re fault either– they’re god made them do it.

  • Quinn

    ps. I really don’t get the Mime.

  • Vegan Vampz

    i agree with jimmy. i wish great websites like queerty, would stop giving these people a voice. they do not need any attention. stop posting their youtube videos so they get views. theses people should not have any mediums to present their hate through, even if they call it “freedom of speech”. love and peace.

  • Michael

    Maybe I’m alone here, but I’m gay and find WBC hilarious. They don’t actively hurt us, and they make a mockery out of the religious right. Plus, like them or not, they’ve got balls, and style!

  • Daniel

    Seriously. WTF is the point in publishing their bullshit on this site? That aside, I’m not a violent person, but I’d love to curb-stomp these stupid, hateful fucks.

  • michael

    all of thease people are such assholes……..they think they are so much better then everyone else……..when all they are is a big joke……….

  • TommyOC

    @Tyler T.: The exclamation point is the international symbol for danger or to advise people NOT to do something. Like, “don’t touch this,” or, in this case, “don’t speak.”

    But to see a straight, phallic symbol such as the exclamation point on the mouth of an older homophobe is just a little ironic to me…

    @Ernest: You’re not an American. You give that away by referring to our First Amendment as the “freedom of speech act.” Stop trolling.

    @KevinVancouver: I’m with @kayla: on this one. You can be proud of Canada all you want, but realize that you DON’T have the right to free speech if you’re proud of restricting that right within others. Others’ speech may be unpleasant, but they should be entitled to it. What makes your homo-loving rhetoric any less offensive to a homophobe than their homo-hating rhetoric is to you? Who’s entitled to unequal rights? And who gets to decide where the line’s drawn?

  • Nicole

    wow. i really have nothing to say to these disgusting people. for one thing the entire freaking bible is a contradiction. i could sit here all day and list them but im not going to bore you since theyve already wasted 25 minutes of your life with that crap. god hates the sin not the sinner. they wouldnt offer you all repentance if that wasnt the case. i personally believe what i want. catholic faith is a bunch of bullshit to get you to donate to causes that dont exist just to better the church. but anyway if you believe that god will save U because you are the “righteous” people id love to see what you have to say about him protecting you after my fist connects with your faces. im done with my rant. bye.

  • michael

    @Nicole: I so agree with you they are all idiots………

  • prohomo

    @Nicole: So Nicole, is our homosexuality a sin?

  • Canadian

    KevinVancouver – spoken like just another Canadian who tries to make themselves feel better by putting down Americans. I don’t think I’d be too proud of being from Vancouver – where two Gay men were beaten because they didn’t want people pissing on their doorstep… Where Little Sisters Bookshop was basically driven out of business because of Canada Customs.

    Canada, which is about to elect a Conservative majority government – which tried to write LGBT people out of the immigration handbook – until they were forced to back down.

    Not sure we Canadians have much to be smug about….

  • Lucia

    OMG, get those children into foster care, STAT! They’ll have a much better chance there than raised by these psychos! The state intervenes when children show up to school with swastikas drawn on them–surely this is a similar warning sign?

  • val

    Yea this whole thing is complete crap. These ppl have no idea wat they are talking about.

  • N/A

    One thing that truly bothered me was when it was stated that “God loves everyone is the biggest lie, you’ll never find these words ever written in the bible. not anywhere from genesis to revelation.”

    I haven’t even come CLOSE to reading the entire bible and am pretty sure one of the most famous quotes from the bible is John 3:16 which says, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that who so ever believed in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

    I think that statement alone proves many things that they have said wrong. God is so holy, He has never done any wrong? How can you say there’s a God, and follow Him but sit there and bash Him. ?! This whole thing really just didn’t add up for me..

  • evji108

    Do these people bathe, wash their hair or their teeth? yuck

  • Kirsten

    “it’s a quote from cow worshiper Gandhi and it’s ridiculous on it’s face.”

    seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?! Gandhi did more for this world than you could ever do because you are too blind with pride and pure hate! just listen to yourself and hear how ridiculous you sound!

    and those poor innocent children, how dare you

  • evji108

    Does God hate personal cleanliness too? Filthy looking hair, nasty teeth eeeewwww!! That guy’s teeth actually look like he eats shit.

  • Leah

    There is just so much wrong with everything they said. I especially love the “God H8s the US” part…why the hell don’t they move to someplace their god doesn’t hate then…they completely baffle me. I just don’t understand how some people can be so full of hate.

  • Erika

    I don’t have anything against people believing in a or many ‘God/s’. Yet the bible is a contradiction in it’s self. It says love everyone and everyone. EXCEPT for the following; Gays, trans genders, transvestites, non-believers and the list goes on. There are some good religious people who couldn’t care about if your gay or straight but they just LOVE YOU, as a person. This is just ridiculous. No wonder so many blame Christians/Anglicans/Protestants etc so much. Just chill with the hate and learn to accept.

  • Scott E.

    Creating a mock campaign from an already existing one is not creativity. It’s like taking lyrics from an old song and blending it in with a new one. It’s been done and it sucks. It still shows that these people still try to conform to this culture in some twisted way. I’d like to go find something worth my time now, if you don’t mind.

  • Jermzy

    Really, I just find the WBC funny- they make absolutely no sense so theres really no reason to argue with them. I have to hand it to them, they have some wicked creativity when it comes to some of their hate campaigns (see their cover of Poker Face by Lady Gaga). A few years ago Louis Theroux even did a documentary on them and found that they’re pretty nice people when they’re not out being crazy.

    Guys, don’t waste your time- they aren’t convincing ANYONE. Just enjoy them for what they are: entertaining loons.

  • Peter

    Gotta love the idiot in the beanie talking about how being gay isn’t the same crime as eating shrimp, even though both are considered an abomination. The reason? Because it says in the new testament that its okay to eat shrimp.

    THEN he comes on and says that the old testament is perfectly valid. So it is just as bad to eat shrimp as being a ‘fag’. I hope he burns in his own fucking hell for eternity, fucking small minded, fucking dickheads!

  • zzap

    This article has inaccurate quote attribution. It is Margie Phelps, not Shirley Phelps-Roper, who says “Hell is not a love tap. It’s the bitchslap of the hate of god” in the video.

  • Rick Wingrove

    As an atheist, my first reaction to WBC is utter revulsion. But if you think about it, they are doing far more to discredit christianity and christianism than almost anything the atheist community can do. I realize they are an affront to decency, compassion, and intelligence. But, this psychotic wrecking crew of jeezus thugs is creating tons of sympathy and support for both the gay and atheist communities by giving thinking people a glimple of runaway fundamentalism, unimpeded by honor or civility. WBC wants to be seen so that they can spread their singularly malignant version of a punitive, fear-based, bigotry-enabling Bronze Age myth. Well, now we see them and we are both revulsed and amused because they have managed to draw together a broad coalition of groups – from bikers to veterans to politicians to high school girls with funny signs – whose only commonality is the desire to insert themselves between these bible-chanting jackasses and the bereaved.

  • jeff

    a few thoughts:

    there won’t be any successful lawsuit about the use of music, they didn’t use anything without permission, they altered the lyrics for each one. I imagine they will be protected under the parody and satire portion of fair usage.

    beyond that, it seems that the dispelling both dismissed the old testament claim of shellfish as an abomination as well as supporting the old testament as true… I find that inconsistency surprising for how thought out everything else was.

    and I am left with this: if everything is predetermined, and those going to heaven and going to hell are decided upon, then why should I change anything…? if I was made as junk to burn in hell, I may as well accept it on continue on being junk…

    if that is so, then I ask: why bother putting so much effort towards the junk that is destined to burn in hell?

  • Geoff

    Moving to Canada isn’t a bad thing, but hate be around you wherever you go.

    Ironically, Phelps’ atheist son Nathan moved there and he’s very LGBT friendly too.

  • Gecko

    This is total crap! They all look inbred, it borders on child porn having their mouths taped. God hates? The faces look like it says Goo H8S! God makes junk men? God is imperfect? Wow these people are way out to lunch. The way they change the words in the music, is anyone suing them for this? Can they at least get a budget to use makeup? They all look like washed out crack heads, the guys look more into their grooming than the women.
    All in all this is ridiculous…..bullshit. They even exploit mimes!! What lengths will they go to?
    Kidding aside…..this is horrible, exploitive, delusional, psychotic, just a pile of shit.It is ok to hate because God hates? Hold on he must hate me as my toilet just over flowed, what sin could I have done to cause that?
    @ Geoff hate may be around us but in Canada they don’t allow it to poison!

  • B

    No. 108 · Gecko, wrote, “This is total crap! They all look inbred, it borders on child porn having their mouths taped.”

    I wish the whole lot of them had their mouths taped, 24 hours per day! Then throw in some black plastic bags to cover their ugly faces and their infantile signs!

    Queerty should blot out their faces and signs in any pictures, just as they would do with an exposed penis, which is far more deserving of being displayed to the world than those freaks!

  • ladeda

    Mimes? Really?

  • KevinVancouver

    @Canadian: ummmm it’s not soo much a matter of being smug… I am all to aware of the struggles that we face here in my our own Country and City, it’s the grand standing and lack of knowledge of all things not American.. that pick my crispies… I think that in our country we face the same challenges as those in the south but we are spared the poison of hate speech.. that is all

  • Nicole

    @prohomo: absolutely nott! at least im enjoying my life =]


    Just goes to show these vile, inbred savage scumbags are as ugly on the outside as they are in the inside………….

  • Jimmy

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone..

    You need a boulder for this family…

  • screener

    I hope they paid the copyright for all that music or does their bible not have that ‘thou shalt not steal’ thing?

  • Rachael

    This is a misinterpretation of God’s word. God loves everyone. EVERYONE. You see yourself as righteous, but are you not judging here? There is only one unforgivable sin. We are all God’s children. And none of us are perfect. No one is good enough for God’s grace– yes, that includes you, WBC. But God is grace and God is forgiving. The NOH8 campaign promotes happiness and freedom for all. All you are promoting is hate and anger. God makes no mistakes and made us all perfect. If you hate our country so much, why don’t you leave it? Why would you paint “God H8s” on little children’s faces? AND YOU PUT THE BEATLES IN YOUR VIDEO?! The Beatles were always striving for peace. Peace and love. You cannot put the Beatles in a video so full of hate.
    Why make your life so full of anger? Seek out God’s love instead. We. Are. All. God’s. Children. My parent’s are divorced, my mother remarried; so what? She loves her husband. I’m a lesbian, who cares? I love my soul sister. The Bible is not meant to be taken literally. It’s just not relevant in a changing world, so it must be interpreted.
    I do believe in God. So does my mother. We’re all humans, can’t you see that?

  • Magdelena

    There’s no point in trying to argue with these people. Each point would be so easy to ridicule and dismantle but it’s just not worth it. We wish these people will leave their violent hate and show their children God’s love through tolerance. They wish we will fear God’s hatred of us and eternal hellfire and not approach children in any way. The day they comprehend empathy and the value in understanding fellow humans will probably be the same day all gay people castrate themselves- as it is better to go to heaven with no penis than to go to hell with a sinful one.
    The world is full of deeply religious people, willing to look a little closer and examine what it is they say they’re so against. Tolerance would find a home in them- not these obsessive clones. Go to congress, any other church, temple, mosque, prayer group, looking for equal rights, tolerance, acceptance, and, finally, empathy for anyone on this list. Don’t look here. It’s worth one or two tries, but after that you’re just feeding a fire these pyromaniacs want to watch burn- the arguement is their lifeblood. Without it their leaders would not have a paycheck. Any man can live a devoute life- and it’s probably easier to spread the word of Jesus when you’re not stuck on a stage, when you’re out in the street passing person after person and can lead by example while you preach and praise. Something tells me their pastor has quite an imagination- but it never pulls through when he needs to write a sermon. Hate is easy that way. Love is the difficulty for a reason. Keep fighting the good fight! Keep posting things like this but don’t get sucked in! People like myself need some insight into these matters… until you see a video like this it’s hard to truly believe that people like this exist. So thank you, and I think these people survive off of the very things they protest against. I guess that’s what I used all these damn words to say. Scary. Sad.
    Reach out to the teens before they become these video people.

    But I have to say this- because it’s just so obvious-
    If God killed the tsunami/911/hurricaine victims because he hated them, then does that mean he hates us all? We all die. Every death is a natural disaster.

    new to the scene and now scared shiteless of it,

  • declanto

    I can only repeat, I wish them each and every one a hideously painful, disfiguring protracted incurable fatal disease, followed by an eternity of hellfire.

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