GodTube Loves Fags, Hates Gays

Too pious for Xtube and too sanctimonious for YouTube, right wing religionists often take to GodTube to voice their conservative grievances. And, like so many good nutjobs, many of the users use their home videos to blast the blasphemous gays. The site, however, won’t publish the word.

Good As You offers the queer details:

…”Gay” gets banned as is it a curse word; “fag” and “dyke” are totally fine! And clearly SOMEONE had to have inputted the code and made the choice of which words to ban and which to allow. It’s quite telling what their mind deemed offensive, and what it found kosher.

Kosher? Ha!

By the way, the censored words in the image above are: damn, shit, gay, fuck and whore.